Coherent teamwork and advanced developments

SKB EP team today is a crew of people of various specialties and ages, where technicians, developers, suppliers, marketers, IT-specialists and many others work side by side. It is their synergy and teamwork that allow the successful functioning and development of our company on the market.

In addition, an important role for the development of the company plays the continuity of generations – the transfer of scientific, work and life experience from senior employees to young specialists. Of course, the youth and the older generation both are professionals and enthusiastic experts, where everyone contributes to the creation of a unique and in-demand product on the market. One generation provides the basis to move on, the second picks up the best and implements modern mechanisms.

There are different methods in the diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers, so PKV group of instruments is responsible for measuring the travel, time and speed parameters, if we consider the measurement of the transient resistance, micro-ohmmeters of the MIKO group are used here. All these data help to verify the correct functioning of high-voltage circuit breakers, but time does not stand still and nowadays another type of test is needed, which is mandatory and in-demand in many countries - this is the measurement of the dynamic resistance of contacts during the operation of a high-voltage circuit breaker (DRM test or DCRM).

DCRM (dynamic contact resistance measurement) is an alternative way to determine the state of the arc extinguish contact of the circuit breaker without parsing it. When measuring the dynamic resistance, the resistance of the contacts is repeatedly measured during the operation of the circuit breaker. The measurement results are displayed in the form of graphs (oscillograms) and provide information about the wear of the arc extinguishing contact in the interrupter chamber.

The most recent DCRM tests were carried out on an ABB HGI3 generator SF6 circuit breaker with the use of PKV/U3 instrument that acted as a recorder.

DCRM diagnostic results recorded by the PKV/U3 instrument

The method proved to be effective, as a result, it was possible to determine the moment of switching the circuit breaker from the main to the arc extinguishing contact, as well as to assess the condition and fix the length of the current-carrying part. With this information, it is possible plan the further operation of the circuit breaker, because the arc extinguishing contacts tend to burn out and become shorter with each interruption of the current, which can affect the breaking capacity of the switching device.

SKB EP company strives to keep up with the times and create modern and in-demand instruments for high-voltage circuit breakers diagnostic. The tests of the DCRM method were carried out effectively and will be taken into account in the new developments of the company. 

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