HV circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M15 NEW DEVELOPMENT

Monitoring the technical condition of high-voltage circuit breakers up to 3 breaks


Sufficient measuring ranges for time (up to 10 s), speed (up to 20 m/s) and travel (up to 900 mm) intervals


Diagnostic of circuit breakers of all types


Table of measured values and automatic calculations


Special ways to start the measurement


Monitoring of high-voltage circuit breakers in simple and complex cycles


Work with diagnostic results and data transfer on PC


Mobility and ease of use


Two modifications and variable complete set


New development PKV/M15 is a portable device that is designed to measure parameters of time, travel and speed of moving parts of SF6, oil, electromagnetic and vacuum high-voltage circuit breakers up to 220 kV of all types (ABB, AREVA, ALSTOM, SIEMENS, etc.).

PKV/M15 combines the best of its predecessors, taking into account modern high-speed base in a new compact and portable case.

One of PKV/M15 predecessors has been on the Russian market for more than 20 years, and is well-known as the affordable, simple and understandable device corresponding to the indicators "price = quality". PKV/M15 preserves all the best characteristics of previous PKV group devices developed by SKB EP. Moreover, there was made a simplification of weight and size parameters (165 x 100 x 60 mm, 1 kg) and the instrument was equipped with modern methods of interaction and data transmission. In addition, to carry out a full cycle of diagnostic work, a built-in power switch with a current up to 20 A was implemented in PKV/M15.

Of course, the application area of PKV/M15 is wide, as the device can be used on any electric facilities with high-voltage switching equipment.

There are a lot of peculiarities when taking measurements on circuit breakers. It is easy to register time parameters for any type of circuit breakers, but special transducers are required to obtain travel and speed parameters.

PKV/M15 provides control of time parameters in the range of 0.001 - 10,000 ms (10 s), which exceeds time measurement range of other PKV group devices. At the same time, incremental (discrete) DP12 and DP21 transducers are also supplied with the device to measure speed and travel parameters. These transducers differ in accuracy and ease of operation comparing to other types of transducers.

Speed parameters are measured in the range up to 20 m/s and travel parameters are measured in the range up to 900 mm. The accuracy of speed parameters measurement (DP12 transducer) is ±1 mm, and the accuracy of travel parameters measurement (DP21 transducer) is ±0.56°.

Presence of two types of transducers in the device's complete set allows you to take into account different types of drives and mechanism operation features of high-voltage circuit breakers, which expands application area of PKV/M15.

PKV/M15 is complete with attachment devices for the installation of measuring transducers on all types of high-voltage circuit breakers (ABB, AREVA, ALSTOM, SIEMENS, Susol, etc.).

Standard complete set includes a set of attachment devices for installation of measuring transducers mainly on Russian-made circuit breakers. And in the additional complete set you may choose those attachment devices that may be necessary for you when diagnosing circuit breakers of foreign production.

If any specific attachment devices or measurement templates are required for your object, we are ready to participate in their development, manufacture and testing.

Object diagnostic results are displayed as data with measured and calculated parameters for each cycle operation (when processing the measurement results of complex cycles, the device automatically divides the cycle into simple operations).

The results provide data such as:

  • travel parameters (full travel, travel to contact closure, snatch gap, difference of operation in travel, bouncing in travel, overshot, rebound);
  • time parameters (circuit breaker make time, circuit breaker closing time, pole closing time);
  • speed parameters (closing speed, time difference of contacts action, bouncing in time).

In addition to tables with measured parameters, more detailed information about the state of the circuit breaker can be extracted from the recorded graphs, which should be operated in the functional mobile application of the device. The device registers:

  • dependence of speed on time and travel;
  • dependence of currents and voltages of electromagnets on time and travel;
  • diagrams of closing / opening processes of the contacts.

One of the significant differences between PKV/M15 and previous models of PKV-group devices is implementation of additional types of measurement start-up, which take into account various circumstances during diagnostic:

  • Start-up by main contacts closing is a universal way of measurement start-up, which facilitates the work and does not require additional settings (measurement time, signal duration, cycle type, start edge).
  • Dry contact (AUX) start-up is one of the most popular modes among the personnel servicing circuit breakers manufactured by TAVRIDA ELECTRIC, where the Closing and Opening time is normalized by closing the dry contact.

At the same time, usual measurement start-up modes are as well implemented:

  • Local triggering mode (internal start-up) is used when connecting directly to the electrical circuit of a high-voltage circuit breaker. In this mode, the device switches the available operating test current.
  • Remote triggering mode (external start-up) is used when connecting directly to the electrical circuit of a high-voltage circuit breaker. In this mode, the device waits for the voltage to appear.

PKV/M15 device is equipped with a power switch for control of switching device drive of both direct and alternating current. Power switch allows you to perform both simple close (C) or open (O) operations, and complex cycles at electromagnet currents up to 20 A, including life tests.

Possible to perform complex cycles:

  • C
  • O
  • CO
  • OCO
  • OCO-C
  • OCO-CO

PKV/M15 is an independent device for diagnostic and presentation of obtained numerical data on the display.

Measurement results can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile device (phone, tablet) to a special software (software is currently under development) or to a PC via USB cable to view the graphs using a special cloud server.

Additionally, the device can operate under the control of a mobile device via Bluetooth and act as a measuring unit.

PKV/M15 is quite simple and clear in operation. The device is built into an ergonomic case, which facilitates interaction with the device. Weight and dimensional parameters (1 kg / 165 x 100 x 60 mm) rightfully allow us to call PKV/M15 a portable measuring instrument.

A built-in battery provides full autonomy. One charge of the device is enough for at least 4 hours of continuous operation.

Non-volatile memory of 32 MB is enough for a complete inspection of substation facilities.

PKV/M15 is available in two versions (PKV/M15.1 and PKV/M15.2) that differ in measuring transducers and a set of complex cycles for high-voltage circuit breaker control.

  PKV/M15.1 PKV/M15.2
Number of measuring transducers in the complete set - 2 (DP12 and DP21)
Controlled parameters time time, travel and speed
Power switch cycles C

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