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Specialists of ROSSETI, PJSC studied how to work with SKB EP instruments

At the end of the February SKB EP technical specialist conducted a training program for electrotechnical personnel of ROSSETI, PJSC. The training was held at the territory of LENENERGO, PJSC training centre in Tervolovo, Russia. Training participants were divided into several mini-groups to study the operation process of PKV/M7 instrument and to use the knowledge obtained at the vacuum circuit breaker.

LENENERGO specialists are actively using PKV group instruments in their everyday work, but unfortunately not everyone knows the whole list of features and benefits of the instruments. For instance, PC control that significantly reduces the overall time that is necessary to prepare for measurements.

ROSSETI specialists measured time and travel characteristics of the circuit breaker, as well as the main contact travel value. We would like to point out that PKV group instruments enable not only to track the characteristics listed above, but also to display them in the form of graphics. This feature enables visualization of the circuit breaker operation throughout the measurement process.

PKV/M7 instrument easily adapts to circuit breakers of different types: vacuum, air-blast, sf6, oil-blast, etc. Furthermore, the instrument can set complex cycles (C-O, C-O-C) for the complete inspection of the circuit breaker.

Training participants highly appreciated PKV/M7 instrument.

«What I liked the most about the PKV/M7 instrument is that it displays a graph after [carrying out] the measurements. And actually it happens immediately after the measurement process. On this graph you can see the malfunction of the circuit breaker, and determine its cause. I also liked that the software has a function of graphs overlay that allows you to compare them even more clearly», -

electrician of the service of isolation and overvoltage protection ROSSETI, PJSC.

We would to thank the employees of LENENERGO, PJSC training centre
for the assistance provided.

Looking forward to future cooperation!

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