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Practical training in the Power Engineering Institute of Advanced Training, St. Petersburg, Russia

On November, 21st 2018 SKB EP organized a one-day practical training for engineers, foremen and general electricians. The training was held in the Power Engineering Institute of Advanced Training, St. Petersburg, Russia. SKB EP specialist gave an introduction on how to run control and diagnostics of high-voltage equipment with SKB EP instruments.

At the theoretical part of the training SKB EP specialist explained basic methods of early defect detection in electromechanic equipment and represented new company's developments to the audience. Also he showed the participants new innovations in the field of in-place and demountable check modes and about special features of working with SKB EP instruments.

The second half of the training was focused on working with PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer and MIKO-21 high-precision microohmmeter.

At the practice the participants worked with vacuum high-voltage circuit breaker. They measured transient resistance using MIKO-21 and studied how to run measurements with PKV/M7 instrument. SKB EP specialist explained how to connect and install angular transducer on this circuit breaker to measure speed and travel characteristics.

Moreover, the participants were taught about the features of working with PKV/M7 PC software. Our specialist showed several methods of obtained graphic data analysis. Also he exemplified typical circuit breaker malfunctions, that can be detected by the data diagnostics.

The training participants noted practical convenience and wide functionality of SKB EP instruments. Also they actively participated in discussions and asked a lot of clarifying questions.

If you are interested in SKB EP practical trainings, you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail: You can leave a request on the company's website, too. Our specialists would be glad to help you to choose a program appropriate for your purposes and requirements.

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