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The very first SKB EP instruments presentation in Thailand!

Few days ago SKB EP agent in Thailand held his very first presentation!

Our dealer represented SKB EP instruments to Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) that is government enterprise distributing electricity to 74 provinces in Thailand. Visitors of the presentation are responsible for control and diagnostics of power circuit breakers in substations.

PEA employees appreciated operability, wide functionality, and appearance of SKB EP instruments. They were interested in MIKO-21 and Manipulating rod.

PEA specialists are interested in MIKO-21 because of light weight, the battery that charges really fast (less than 3 hours) and the guaranty period that is equal 3 years. According to the measurement results we can say with certainly that MIKO-21 provides more accuracy digits than its analogues represented in the market. MIKO-21 is the only microohmmeter in the world that has the accuracy of ±0.05%.

The instrument has more additional functions, for instance, passport values, auto period measurement mode and availability of data transfer via USB.

Manipulating rod is designed to ensure reliable connection to contacts of a high-voltage objects from 35 kV up to 220 kV. Test cables are connected to the measurement platform from the ground.

Also PEA specialists and Thai SKB EP dealer held a practical comparison between MIKO-21 and DLRO200 (Megger). The instruments were compared on an equal basis: accuracy, speed of measurement, weight, number of decimal places, functionality, built-in battery.

We are happy to announce that MIKO-21 triumphed over DLRO200!

We would like to express our appreciation to our Thailand dealer for successful convening of the presentation!

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