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Dealer cooperation

SKB EP, LLC actively develops a dealer network and is looking for new partners for long-term, mutually beneficial relations. The company has reach experience in development and production of instruments for diagnostics and control of high-voltage equipment.

Utility companies use our equipment throughout Russia, as well as in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Syria, Iran, Iraq and other countries. For more than 25-year service life the produced equipment proved itself to be high-precision, multipurpose and easy to use one, which is confirmed by the State Register certificates, diplomas, as well as feedbacks of Customers and Manufacturers of high-voltage equipment.

SKB EP is ready to cooperate only on terms of partnership, long-term and mutually beneficial relations. Cooperation with the company provides an opportunity to expand the list of sold products, which means obtainment of a new line of products, which will greatly contribute to the development of your business.

Our customers, which work with our products, are both large organizations and small companies (full list of customers):

  • Electric energy systems, electrical grid (distribution grid) enterprises and power generation companies.
  • Enterprises specialized in installation and repair of power equipment.
  • Russian Railways.
  • Industrial enterprises consuming a large amount of power, which have their own substations with high-voltage circuit breakers.
  • Nuclear power stations and many others.

Advantages of dealer cooperation with SKB EP

  • Status

    Status of official and certified supplier of equipment produced by SKB EP.

  • Product range

    Expansion of the product range offered by you.

  • Dealer discounts

    A dealer has a discount for turnover, which is recalculated every year.

  • Supply of goods

    SKB EP works only with reliable international logistics companies (UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.) which guarantee safe and on time delivery.

  • Technical support

    The Technical Support of SKB EP provides consultations of the Dealer’s specialists and end users of SKB instruments.

  • Customers
    Increase in number of new customers.
  • Tenders
    Opportunity to participate in single and multiple lot procurements of electrical grid and generation companies for supply and maintenance of power—generation equipment.
  • Joint participation in exhibitions and seminars
    SKB EP supports Dealers in holding of seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events aimed at support and activation of demand for the instruments.
  • Promotional materials
    SKB EP provides the Dealer with the required quantity of promotional materials (DVDs, catalogues, methodological materials, etc.) for free in printed and electronic form.
  • Free training
    SKB EP takes care of the quality of provided services, as well as professional development of the Dealer’s employees, and organizes the annual free training of specialists.

* SKB EP delivers its Goods for free in all regional and republican centers, as well as in many other residential areas of Russia, where there are cargo terminals of Avtotrading transportation company and stations of Russian Railways (the goods are delivered using rail transport of Russian Railways).

Requirements to business partner of SKB EP

SKB EP is interested in development of network of partners and strengthening of partnership relations. This gives the company an opportunity not only to provide all consumers with a higher quality of services, but also to concentrate on development of new innovation instruments.

  • Stable financial and legal status.
  • At least 1 year of experience in the instrumentation and controls market in b2b sector.
  • Meeting the conditions of the Dealer Policy.
  • The Dealer may not sell the products to the end user at the prices lower than the prices indicated in the price list of SKB EP.
  • Implementation of a set of measures aimed at promotion of goods.
  • Participation in corporate events organized by SKB EP (dealer conferences, visiting meetings, seminars, etc.).
  • Notification about preferences and criticism of buyers.
  • Redirection of the end customer for service warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

If you are interested in the dealer cooperation program, send a request by e-mail skb@skbpribor.com using a form or contact us: +7 (3952) 719-148

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