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SKB EP, LLC is an innovative total cycle enterprise with more than 28-year successful history. Having started its activity as a small subdivision of the Energy Systems Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in January 1991, today SKB EP is more than 13,000 customers in Russian Federation and other countries.

Facts about SKB EP

13,000 customers
40 models
of instruments
28 years in the market
13 plants producing HV equipment use the instruments in the Quality Control Department
22 dealers
2 patents

We specialize in development and production of control instruments and diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers produced in Russia and abroad (ABB, Areva, Siemens, Alstom, etc.).

Our instruments are successfully applied in energy systems, industrial enterprises, railways and in other application areas.

  • Russia;
  • EU coutries: Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Bulgari;
  • Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapur; the Kingdom of Cambodia;
  • South America: Peru, Ecuador;
  • CIS: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia.

We have developed a unique method, which may expose incipient defects in circuit breakers at early stage, that 1.5 times increases the service life of high-voltage equipment and decreases repair costs by 30%.

All instruments have a safety certificate and certificate of registration in the State Register of the Russian Federation and countries of the near abroad.

The quality and innovation of instruments are confirmed by the Award for Technical Superiority of the products rewarded by IDGC Holding (JSC Rosseti), patents and feedbacks of the Customers.

SKB EP, LLC is not only production and sale of the instruments for control and diagnostics of high-voltage equipment, but it is also a large Service Center, providing the following services:

  • calibration and testing is provided by our own accredited laboratory (RusAccreditation: сalibration ISO/IEC 17025 and testing ISO/IEC 17025);
  • warranty and post warranty service;
  • free technical consultations on selection of appropriate equipment;
  • individual approach and adaptation of accessories for characteristic analysis of specific equipment;
  • development of measurement methods and production of special fixing units and measuring cables;
  • Interpretation of the measurement results and recommendations for repair;
  • SKB EP end users technical support and SKB EP end training and seminars on 3 adaptive courses types (one-day seminars (free of charge); individual training programs at the end user’s object; annual practical three-day seminar at the service center - Irkutsk, Russia);

Our clients

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