Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
Control instrument of OLTC transformers PKR-2
Circuit breaker analizers PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analizers PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analizers PKV/M7
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    KCKK Branch of URALCHEM Holding, JSC in Kirovo-Chepetsk

    Our company purchased MIKO-21 microohmmeter manufactured by SKB EP, LLC in 2019.

    Currently, the device is used to measure the resistance of circuit breakers contact connections, the resistance of welded and bolted connections, as well as the resistance of tips of molded wires.

    During its operation, MIKO-21 proved to be a reliable and multifunctional device.

    There are several positive aspects that have been revealed: the device is easy to use, has a convenient operating menu. Furthermore, the device has a wide range of manually set test current values and the ability to transfer measurement results to the PC. We would also like to mention the touch-screen multi-color display, the archive of passport values of the diagnosed equipment, autonomous power supply, and small weight and dimensional parameters.

    The device has fully proven itself in terms of operation, in requirements of accuracy and measurement speed.

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    SD "Central Electrical Grids" the branch of "Amursk region Electrical Grids" "DRSK", JSC

    We would like to inform you that PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer and MIKO-1 microohmmeter manufactured by SKB EP, LLC are in operation in the structural department "Central Electrical Grids" the branch of "DRSK", JSC "Amursk region Electrical Grids".

    With the help of PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer, we can take all necessary time and speed parameters of high-voltage circuit breakers 6-110 kV. The ability to use local and remote start expands the application area of this device. Convenient panel of device control and measurement indication, as well as the use of various types of test cables connectors on the device panel exclude the possibility of personnel faults when connecting test cable to the device or to the equipment.

    MIKO-1 microohmmeter is used for resistance measurements of high-voltage circuit breaker contacts. The advantage of MIKO-1 is its autonomous power supply from the in-built battery, the capacity of which allows carrying out a large number of measurements.

    All the above-mentioned devices are easy to operate, have a compact design and light weight that allows them to be used directly at the installation site of equipment that has been removed for repair or diagnostics. The high quality of assembly and measurement accuracy of the devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC improved the control quality of the required parameters during scheduled repairs.

    We recommend these devices to all organizations involved in setting up, repairing and operating high-voltage equipment.

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    Kuzbassenergo-RES the branch of Rosseti Siberia, PJSC

    Upon your request, we would like to inform you that in Kuzbassenergo-RES the branch of Rosseti Siberia, PJSC are operated the following devices: MIKO-21, PKV/M7.

    MIKO-21 microohmmeter is used to measure the resistance of the main circuit contacts of the high-voltage circuit breakers and disconnectors in order to detect defects and reduce the likelihood of failure of switching devices caused by an increase of the contact resistance. The convenience of using MIKO-21 is the presence of an in-built battery that makes it possible to carry out measurements autonomously without connecting the device to the network. The battery does not require frequent recharging.

    PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer makes it possible to control the time difference of the poles with the help of the visual software for a PC. In this software, it is possible to identify defects in an informative and accessible way at the initial stage of the breakdown development that avoids expensive repairs of the circuit breaker contact system.

    We recommend these devices for organizations that are engaged in the repair and operation of electrical equipment.

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    Engineering solutions and technologies, LLC

    Since 2015, in the electrical laboratory of Engineering solutions and technologies, LLC has being used a device from another manufacturer to measure the ohmic resistance.

    Since 2017, due to the laboratory expansion, MIKO-7 milliohmmeter was purchased that is manufactured by SKB EP, LLC. The reason for the purchase of MIKO-7, and not its analogue that has been properly working, was the measurement speed that made it possible to measure ohmic resistance on power transformers from 6 to 10 times faster. An inconvenience of MIKO-7 was the absence of an in-built battery.

    In 2019, it became necessary to purchase one more device for DC resistance measurements.

    Having considered the offers on the market, the choice was made in favor of MIKO-7MA, because:

    1. MIKO-7 proved to be excellent in its work.
    2. MIKO-7MA got rid of the drawback of the previous generation SKB EP milliohmmeters, namely, it got an in-built battery.

    In practice, MIKO-7MA device perfectly copes with the assigned tasks. According to the subjective feeling of our engineers, MIKO-7 screen is a bit more convenient than the screen of MIKO-7MA. At the same time, MIKO-7MA has pleased our engineers with the in-built function of automatic measurement stop that was previously supplied to MIKO-7 devices for an additional payment.

    MIKO-7MA milliohmmeter manufactured by SKB EP, LLC can be surely recommended for other organizations.

    Moreover, the specialists of our company noted the comfort of working with SKB EP, LLC, attentive attitude towards customers and established feedback.

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    "Uralelektrostroy", LLC

    Our company purchased PKV/U3.0 circuit breaker analyzer in 2008. For the years passed, I would like to note proper and stable operation of the device during circuit breakers diagnostics. PKV/U3.0 perfectly copes with the following tasks:

    • measuring speed and time parameters of the circuit breaker operation;
    • measuring the duration of the contactless pause in the "O-C-O" cycle;
    • performing simultaneous characteristics measurement by three phases;
    • automatic graphs registration that illustrate information about the state of the circuit breaker.

    An important benefit is that we are able to independently add specific templates to the program of the device. One more benefit for us is that the device is focused on diagnostics of air circuit breakers. The only drawbacks that we figured out during the years of device’s use are the lack of the usb port for connecting to a laptop, the unprotected case, and the weight of the device itself.

    [Manufacturer note]: PKV/U3.0 device was developed specifically for high-power SF6 and air high-voltage circuit breakers. Its design and overall characteristics are due to the presence of an in-built switchboard with test current up to 35A and the ability to connect three transducers to measure stroke and speed parameters of the main contacts. In addition, only PKV/U3.0 has the ability to control up to 20 breaks, and the device has 12 in-built channels for measuring resistive sensors, etc. To sum it up, PKV/U3.0 circuit breaker analyzer is the device with an extensive list of functional and technical characteristics that allow you to make diagnostics of any high-voltage circuit breaker, and the implementation of all the above-mentioned characteristics is not possible in other dimensions.
    Nowadays, among the devices of our production there is another circuit breaker analyzer: PKV/M7 that has an in-built usb port for data transfer. Moreover, the PKV/M7 is produced in a convenient and robust case, and has smaller dimentional characteristics than PKV/U3.0. In order to understand whether PKV/M7 will satisfy you in terms of its functional characteristics, you can consult with our technical specialists.

    We definitely recommend PKV/U3.0 device to all companies that operate circuit breakers, as well as to mobile laboratories that make circuit breakers diagnostics.

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