Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    Western main power networks the branch of KEGOC, JSC

    There are the following instruments for control and diagnostic in the Testing and diagnostic Department of the branch of KEGOC, JSC "Western main power networks":

    The high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M5 (with the serial number 7) has been in the operation since 2001 and has been working without problems for more than 18 years. It is easy to use digital indication during the preparation of the instrument as well as during time and speed parameters measurements of oil HV circuit breakers MKP-110, VMT-110B, VMT-220B types. The maintenance operations were carried out effectively and on time. The instrument has been taken out of production nowadays.

    Universal multipurpose low / high resistance meter MIKO-2.3 (the serial number 063) has been being used in the testing department since 2017. It qualitatively measures the DC resistance of contacts of high-voltage circuit breakers of all types, of measuring and power transformers windings. The usability, convenient and clear digital indication of the instrument led to significant reduction in working time when conducting measurements on electrical equipment with a voltage class from 0.4 kV to 220 kV. Some defects were detected in the power contacts of high-voltage circuit breakers due to the formed burnings.

    "Western main power networks" the branch of KEGOC, JSC thanks SKB EP, LLC for convenient and high-quality instruments production and also hopes for further collaboration.

    K. Chernohaev

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    The branch of FGC UES, PJSC - Karelian enterprise of the main power networks

    A high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7 is operated in the branch Karelian enterprise of the main power networks of FGC UES, PJSC.

    During operation, I may note positive operation of the instrument in the diagnostic of such HV circuit breakers as U-220, U-110, VMT-220, VMT-110 and the ease of use.

    The instrument measures the speed and time parameters of a HV circuit breaker operation well, carries out simultaneous measurement in three phases. Also it has a wide variety of attachment devices, which help install transducers on different HV circuit breakers and help make a connection with every computer.

    The ability to make measurements (triggering) of a HV circuit breaker, as well as the opportunity to obtain results in the specialized software allow to significantly reduce the operation time. A special software helps analyze, predict and eliminate various defects immediately on the spot of operation.

    We recommend all companies operating high-voltage circuit breakers and electrical laboratories performing HV circuit breaker diagnostic the usage of these instruments.

    R.A. Valiev
    Acting First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer – Deputy Chief Engineer – Chief Dispatcher

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    Yamalo-Nenets enterprise of the main power networks the branch of FGC UES, PJSC

    Yamalo-Nenets enterprise of the main power networks the branch of FGC UES, PJSC thanks your company SKB EP, LLC for the fruitful cooperation in the supply of measuring instruments for the diagnostic of high-voltage equipment. We also thank you for prompt, professional work and individual approach, as well as for the high quality of instruments and its components.

    Our company operates such instruments as MIKO (10 pcs.), and PKV (10 pcs.) manufactured by SKB EP, LLC.

    These instruments are used to determine repair quality of high-voltage circuit breakers and disconnecting switches. The contact resistance of the current-carrying circuit, the time and speed characteristics of HV circuit breakers are checked with a help of them.

    The instruments are very convenient, they give an opportunity to identify the worsened condition of contact connectors on HV circuit breakers and of disconnecting switches. They reduce the time for detecting a defect and prevent accidents and technological disturbances. The defects are periodically identified. That fact allows us to schedule a necessary repair work on time and maintain the equipment in a good working condition.

    We recommend these instruments for use in organizations, which operate high-voltage equipment.

    Thank you for your help in solving our production tasks and sincerely hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Acting Chief Engineer-Deputy Director

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    Altair, LLC

    MIKO-7 manufactured by SKB EP, LLC has been operated in the electrical laboratory of Altair, LLC since 2012.

    The instrument is used for commissioning works on transformers from 6 to 330 kV. We have to travel all over the country with instruments, because we are an installation and checkout organization.

    There were no problems with damage of the instrument during transportation due to shockproof materials and compact size of MIKO-7.

    This instrument has an ability to get 12V DC supply that is convenient while working in field conditions. We also have installed an advanced software to bring the measured resistance to the set temperature, through which we can quickly analyze the obtained measurement data.

    MIKO-7 comes with its own standard wires with a separate cable for extension. This is very convenient when it is necessary to work on transformers of different sizes.

    Moreover, the instrument provides a continuous measurement function for transformers with OLTCs and indicates the end of measurement process. This function significantly speeds up all measurements.

    Having had an experience in instruments operation since 2012, Altair, LLC thanks SKB EP, LLC for the manufacture of high-quality products and for the expressed interest in the operating experience of using their instruments.

    Head of the Commissioning works Sector

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    Severstal, PJSC

    Currently two instruments are operated by the Electrical repair production of Severstal, PJSC: HV circuit breaker analyzers PKV/U3.0 and PKV/M7. According to practical evaluation, PKV/M7 is more convenient to operate than PKV/U3.0.

    These instruments we use for high-voltage circuit breakers from 6 to 220 kV.

    As for convenient functions, we need to mention the possibility of measuring angular movement and converting to linear. For example, speaking about one of the last cases, an increased contact time difference between the phases of VGBU-220 HV circuit breaker was revealed.

    Economic effect calculations of using these instruments have not been carried out by our company.

    Taking into account the operating experience of PKV/M7, we can definitely recommend it for use.

    Head of the Technical Department of Severstal, PJSC

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