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Testimonials about Milliohmmeter MIKO-8
MegionEnergoNeft, LLC

In May, 2018 MegionEnergoNeft, LLC took milliohmmeter MIKO-8 for a trial operation. The instrument was used for measuring winding resistance of oil and oil-immersed transformers 0.4-110 kV of different types and brands at the electrical equipment repair facility during the transformer repairs and at transformer substations for routine test of the equipment under MegionEnergoNeft, LLC maintenance.

The following advantages of the instrument have been pointed out: small size, portable case convenient for transportation and operation, user friendly menu, built-in archive helping to speed up the measurement, simplify data processing, and perform automatic recalculation of the data received. The measurements were carried out in a short time which significantly shortened testing period compared to the alternative instruments of competitive brands.

Possibility to run measurements of power transformers winding resistance without switching the tested objects off shortens the testing time. The information is reflected in a big contrast display which allows reading the results without any difficulty. No defects or disadvantages have been found out during the trial operation. The instrument worked without any complaints.

We would suggest providing additional portable battery with built-in charger and a plug for field operations [Manufacturer's comment: Production of the device MIKO-8 is discontinued. A new version of MIKO-8M with be delivered to the warehouse in the III quarter of 2018. Orders are accepted. Comparison of the first version of the device and its modification is at Reference].

According to the results of the testing operation we conclude that the instrument meets the declared characteristics and exceeds world known brands in the majority of technical characteristics.

Testimonials about Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with advance software, Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with basic software

OKTYABR’, FSUE PA have been using milliohmmeter MIKO-7 for 1 year. We used the instrument to measure transient resistance of the contact areas of the grounding of the produced items.

The instrument is very easy to use. It is possible to operate the instrument from a computer and save the results.

We also faced a disadvantage: it is inconvenient to carry out the measurements on the contact areas with size less than 20x20mm (there is no repeatability of measurements, and measurement error is quite large) [Manufacturer's comment: the main purpose of the milliometer MIKO-7 is to measure the inductive resistance, so we recommend to use our microohmmeters for the works described above].

This instrument can be recommended for electrical maintenance of equipment such as tests for grounding of equipment, transient resistance, contacts of connectors and transition pads [Manufacturer's comment: for these works we also recommend our microohmmeters].

Testimonials about Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with basic software

Our Company has been using the MIKO-7 device for acceptance tests of cables and wires.  Previously we used P4833 instrument.

MIKO-7 has up-to-date interface, it is rather convenient in operation. Portability is another advantage of the device. Application of this device allowed us to reduce time of cables acceptance tests performed by our company.

Testimonials about Microohmmeter MIKO-21
JSC Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M.L. Mil

In 2016, following the request of OJC MVZ named after M.L. Mil, SKB EP, LLC developed a new line of MIKO-21 microohmmeter specifically for solving the tasks of our Company.

Using MIKO-21, OJSC MVZ named after M.L. Mil performs measurements of transient resistances of:

  • Aircraft equipment and helicopter fuselage;
  • Wire terminations in cap fittings and couplings.

Test operation of MIKO-21 in 2016 revealed certain drawbacks in the device’s design and software that were completely eliminated by the Manufacturer.

Since 2017 the MIKO-21 of special complement has been regularly used by JSC MVZ named after M.L. Mil and proved to be an instrument reliable and convenient in operation that fully replaces similar obsolete devices.

The main merit of MIKO-21 microohmmeter is its simple and understandable interface, sensor display, small size and low weight, options of being powered from 220V, 50 Hz networks and from an in-built battery.

There were no failures during the period of its operation.

Testimonials about Microohmmeter MIKO-21

In the first quarter of 2017,  ELMASH (UETM), LLC (Yekaterinburg City), a research and testing division of BBA Production Complex performed pilot operation of MIKO-21 microohmmeter manufactured by SKB EP, LLC.

The microohmmeter was used for measuring the transient resistance of the main circuits of high-voltage column-type and bulk-oil circuit breakers of ВГБ-УЭТМ®-35, ВГТ-УЭТМ®-110, ВЭБ-УЭТМ®-220 types.

We should like to note the following merits of the microohmmeter: simple and user-friendly interface, touch display, small size and light weight, availability of the option of connecting the device to PC. Microohmmeter can be powered both from the 230V network and from an in-built battery that is a big advantage since devices are often used far from the available power sources.

The device’s kit allows a large variety of options. During pilot operation the microohmmeter proved to be a reliable and convenient device. There were no failures observed.

Testimonials about Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with basic software, Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with advance software

We thank you for delivery of the MIKO-7 analyzer. The device proved to be rather convenient in operation, functional and reliable.

It is used for scheduled checks, for measuring the resistances of transformer windings, transient resistances of busbar connections, etc. High precision, small size and easy use make this analyzer one of the best in this class of devices.

Testimonials about PKR-2

PKR-2 analyzer for diagnosis of transformer OLTC was procured by our company in 2014. Measurements were started in 2015. Measurements were performed on 110kV transformers with OLTS of РНТ-13, РНТ-20, РС-3, РС-4, and РС-9 types.

The instrument is easy to use, it has many useful functions. The  PKR-2 allowed identification of the following problems of the OLTC operation:

  • Wear of arch extinguishing contacts;
  • Resistors damage;
  • Unacceptable travels in the shaft fixing nodes;
  • Shaft shifts;
  • Incorrect connection of taps. 

Measurements using PKR-2 were two or three times faster than those by conventional methods. The instrument is rather convenient in operation.

The analyzer can be recommended to other companies for use.

Testimonials about Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with basic software, Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with advance software

In 2015 Siemens Company purchased MIKO-7 instrument for electric resistance measurement. It is still successfully employed by our specialists.  This instrument allows control of drive motor winding parameters and performance of different types of diagnosis of ES1 Lastochka fast-speed electric trains.

Based on the experience of MIKO-7 operation we should state that this instrument is easy to operate, has a simple and understandable interface.  Its main merit, in our opinion, is the function of automatic selection of resistance range.

The instrument can be powered both from the mains and from the car battery, which is its another merit.  However, I would recommend to furnish an in-built battery as it is not always convenient to operate the instrument from an external power source.
[Manufacturer’s comment: Subsequent versions of MIKO instruments will be furnished with an in-built battery]. 

Testimonials about Microohmmeter MIKO-10

The MIKO-10 microohmmeter is a portable option of instruments for electric resistances measurements that are manufactured by SKB EP, LLC.

The device has been operated by electrotechnical division of SEVERSTROY Construction Company since September, 2016 for testing the 10/0.4kV electric units of newly constructed and modernized industrial plants.

It was used for control and measurement of transient resistances of wired and metal connections of electric potential balancing systems, switching equipment of electric units during their wiring, commissioning and acceptance tests.

Undisputable merits of the instrument include:

  • Different ways of positioning the instrument during measurements;
  • Availability of non-volatile memory;
  • Automatic measurement start-up and stop, switching out if the instrument is not used;
  • Beeping the measurements start-up and termination.

As of today the MIKO-10 is an optimum option of price-quality ratio among instruments for analyzing the condition of 10/0.4kV electric units.

Testimonials about Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3, PKV/U3.0, PKV/U3.1

Our company has been using 36 different instruments for more than 10 years, namely: MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3, PKV/M7 that are competed with linear and angular displacement transducers DP12, DP21, PKV/V3А, PKV/U3.0, PKV/U3.1, and PUV-50.

Those instruments are used for testing different connections of substation equipment, for controlling the parameters of high-voltage circuit breakers and disconnectors of 6-500 kV voltage classes.  The devices are simple and easy to operate. The function of automatic construction of oscillograms following the results of measurements is a great merit of the instruments.

In the course of the power equipment operation the instruments many times detected different incipient defects thus preventing equipment failures and possible subsequent emergencies.

The instruments can be recommended to companies operating high-voltage equipment.

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