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18 may 2018
Nowadays when every company is trying to reach a new level of profitability and minimize the costs, question of increasing efficiency is more than actual.
22 december 2017
The Company moves forward and continuously updates its products, that is evidenced by three new milliohmmeters to be manufactured in 2018: MIKO-7M, MIKO-8M, and MIKO-9.
14 july 2017
One of the methods of finding the fault in the electric circuit is its division into separate sections followed by measurement of electric resistance of each section.
30 june 2017
Parameters of the closing switch change-over oscillogram are among the indicators reflecting the state of high-speed OLTC devices.
6 july 2016
Depending on the HV circuit breaker type (oil, air, SF6, or vacuum), a list of measured characteristics used for assessing its technical condition can be different.
18 march 2016
The market of instrumentation currently offers a wide range of instruments to measure transient contact resistance. These instruments differ in operation principles, metrology characteristics, automatization degree, dimensions, weight, and price.
25 february 2016
Power transformer operability depends on the proper operation of switched-over contacts and bolted current-carrying connections.
20 march 2015
For revealing the causes of LTC failures and for automation of the diagnosis the SKB EP Company entered the instrumentation market with the PKR-2 and PKR-2M instruments for the transformer LTS testing. Their main function is recording the oscillograms of contators operation and the circular diagram across all the phases at a time.
4 february 2015
According to codes, LPC tests shall mandatorily include tests of the operation sequence of switching device contactor versus the angle of shaft drive turn, in other words, they require circular diagrams recording.
19 january 2015
During installation and adjustment of HV circuit breakers, switch gears (KRUE, KRU, KRUN, and KSO) and in the course of their subsequent maintenance their rated characteristics need to be tested, namely, time, speed, travel, current and voltage.


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