Industrial micro-ohmmeter MIKO-1


  • Safety Test Certificate IEC 61010-1:2001
  • Russian State Register Certificates
  • Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union
  • Russian Register of Innovative Products
  • Recommended for use in JSC Russian Railways electric installations

Resistance measurement in the range 0 ÷ 20,000 μΩ


Auto resistance range selection


Test current up to 50A


Test current of MIKO-1 flows stably and enough time


Stable operation in the presence of powerful industrial frequency interference


Self-contained power supply


Test cable set with ergonomic design


Simplicity and portability


Operation in all weather conditions


Industrial microhmmeter MIKO-1 is designed to measure the transient electrical resistance to dire­ct current:

  • contacts of high-voltage and auto­matic circuit breakers;
  • contactors, breakers, connect­ors;
  • bolted, welded and soldered connections of conductors and buses;
  • rail bonds, wheels of cars, etc.

User participation in the measurement process is minimal. The me­asurement process is started by pressing one button, without any additional settings.

To obtain reliable values, it is recommended to make measurements at sufficiently high currents through the transient resistance, which is set out, for example, in IEC 56 standards (I≥50A).

Measurements are made using a hi­ghly stable DC current. This all­ows measuring the electrical resis­tance of circuits containing current transformers, which are usually fitted on high-voltage dead tank circuit breakers.

MIKO-1 is designed for operation in harsh electromagnetic e­nvironment of power stations and sub­stations, with measuring channels of the de­vice allowing to suppress electromagnetic interference of industrial frequency.

Integrated battery in MIKO-1 provides its portability and has a capacity sufficient to per­form to 100 measurements. It is charged from an internal charger powered by the mains.

The device has a small weight (3.6 kg) and small dimensions; a special bag provid­es its convenient movement, which allo­ws you to ascent with it on any circuit breaker.

If you have to carry out diagnostics in difficult weather conditions, you can be sure of the accuracy of the results. The MIKO-1 microohmmeter is guaranteed to operate at temperatures from -15 to + 40° C.

Specifications Value
Resistance range 1 μΩ ÷ 0.02 Ω
Minimum grade value 0.1 μΩ
Accuracy ±(1+0.01*Rх) μΩ
Measuring current strength up to 50 A
Number of digits in the measurement result 6
Power supply (integrated battery) Lead A506/3.5 S1
Battery charging time < 4 h
Internal memory -
Number of measurements with a fully charged battery 20 ÷ 50
PC connection -
Display Monochrome, alphanumeric
Power consumption <20 W
Power supply (mains voltage) ~ 100-242V, 50Hz
Dimensions 250х80х210 mm
Device weight 3.6 kg
Ingress protection IP20
Temperature range when working with the device from -15°C to +40°C
Interface and user's manual language English
Calibration period, year 1
Warranty period, year 1

Standard complete set

Photo Item, Index Application
MIKO-1 measuring unit
  • MIKO-1 measuring unit
  • SKB025.10.00.000
  • MIKO-1 measuring unit
  • SKB025.10.00.000

Instrument and covering documents: User's Manual and a Log Book.

K01 microohmmeter cable
  • K01 microohmmeter cable
  • SKB018.00.00.000
  • K01 microohmmeter cable
  • SKB018.00.00.000

Current wires end with "crocodile plus clamp" with a pharynx up to 50 mm. Length 2.1 m + 3.5 m.

Mains cable
  • Mains cable
  • SKB018.09.00.000
  • Mains cable
  • SKB018.09.00.000

For charging device connection when placing the instrument on the input of the high-voltage circuit breaker. 2 meters long.

  • Shunt
  • Shunt

Type: 75ShSM M3 (75ШСМ М3). For functional check in microohmmeter and milliohmmeter modes.

Safety devices
  • Safety devices
  • Safety devices

Type: VP2B-1V-2A (ВП2Б-1В-2А) (2 pcs). For the power source protection.

Tool bag
  • Tool bag
  • SKB118.01.00.000
  • Tool bag
  • SKB118.01.00.000

Convenient and wearproof bag for transportation of the device, documentation and accessories.

Additional complete set (on order)

Photo Item, Index Application
K02 test cable with spring loaded needle-type contacts
  • K02 test cable with spring loaded needle-type contacts
  • SKB018.13.00.000
  • K02 test cable with spring loaded needle-type contacts
  • SKB018.13.00.000

It is used when it is impossible to connect to the object with a K01 cable, for example, when monitoring the resistances of busbars and connecting buses. Test cable 1.8 x 0.8 m with Kelvin double hand spike contacts.

Potential pin contact (black and red)
  • Potential pin contact (black and red)
  • SKB023.22.00.000/-01
  • Potential pin contact (black and red)
  • SKB023.22.00.000/-01

For connection to the input pin. Included into the complete set of the K01 test cable.

Potential spring-loaded contact (black and red)
  • Potential spring-loaded contact (black and red)
  • SKB023.21.00.000/-01
  • Potential spring-loaded contact (black and red)
  • SKB023.21.00.000/-01

For connection to the input pin. Included into the complete set of the K01 test cable.

Battery А506/35S
  • Battery А506/35S
  • Battery А506/35S

Reference inductor adaptor
  • Reference inductor adaptor
  • SKB023.12.00.000
  • Reference inductor adaptor
  • SKB023.12.00.000

For testing laboratories: inspection / calibration of the instrument.

Manipulating rod
  • Manipulating rod
  • SKB010.41.00.000
  • Manipulating rod
  • SKB010.41.00.000

The rod is designed to ensure convenient connection to contacts of high-voltage equipment inputs.

The rod is completed with Kelvin clamps with current and potential contacts. With the help of the manipulating rod test cables are connected to the measurement platform from the ground.

Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
  • Open Original

    PD Cherepovets Electric Power Network the branch of IDGC of North-West, PJSC

    In the production activities, our production department uses the following devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC:

    • PKV/M7 high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer (in operation since 2008);
    • PUV-regulator dedicated for controlling the drive of a high-voltage circuit breaker at low voltage (in operation since 2019);
    • MIKO-1 industrial microohmmeter (in operation since 2019).

    Above-mentioned devices are used for diagnostics of both Russian-manufactured high-voltage circuit breakers (VMT-110, MKP-110, VT-35, S-35, VK-10, VMP-10) and of foreign production (LTB-145).

    Being used these devices have proven themselves to be the best side. With the help of PKV/M7, it became possible to detect internal defects of the circuit breakers in a non-demountable mode. The functionality of the device is very simple and easy to use. The device allows you to control main characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers. The main faults identified by PKV/M7 during repairs are the different timing of contact closures. When analyzing the speed characteristics, speed dips are detected that indicate the presence of jamming or mashing in the mechanism and that means that repair is required. Before this device was purchased, all the characteristics had to be taken with the demount of the circuit breaker, which led to an increase in the repair time.

    The device for controlling the drive of a high-voltage circuit breaker at a low voltage (PUV-regulator) was purchased for the needs of our division relatively recently. The presence of this device made it possible to check the operability of a high-voltage circuit breaker at low voltage, which is one of the standards for testing and measurements.

    Industrial microohmmeter MIKO-1 is also relatively new for our company, but it has proven itself only on the positive side.

    All the devices we use are mobile. One more advantage of MIKO-1 is the presence of autonomous power supply.

    We would also like to thank you for holding free webinars dedicated to the study of the devices manufactured by your company.

    I definitely recommend these devices for organizations that operate high-voltage equipment.

  • Open Original

    Central Power Networks the branch of Yakutskenergo, PJSC

    The service of isolation, overvoltage protection and measurements of Central Power Networks of Yakutskenergo, PJSC currently uses 4 measurement devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC:

    • MIKO-1 - 3 pcs.;
    • MIKO-9A - 1 pc.

    MIKO-1 device has been actively operated since 2012 to measure contact resistance of high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors, separators, and other electrical equipment of switchgears. The device is easy to use, has a small weight and dimensions. Due to the reliable contact and cable connections measurement accuracy of the data obtained is high. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a convenient bag. During operation, the device has proven itself as a simple, unpretentious to use, but quite an accurate device.

    MIKO-9A device has proven itself perfectly (it has been in operation since 2019) when working on measuring DC resistance of power and measurement transformers. Among the main advantages of the device, we would like to point out the following:

    • Possibility of simultaneous measurement by 3 phases;
    • Reliable contact and cable connections;
    • High accuracy and speed of the measurements;
    • The ability to compare the data obtained with the factory data directly during the measurement process;
    • Large battery capacity, choice of operation from mains or battery;
    • Compactness, light weight, easy-to-use interface.

    Devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC have definitely proven themselves on the positive side, no malfunctions were found in their work. These devices can be recommended to the enterprises engaged in the repair, operation and diagnostics of high-voltage equipment.

  • Open Original

    Kuban MEN the branch of FGC UES, PJSC

    I would like to inform you that in the branch of FGC UES, PJSC - Kuban CMEN uses MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3, MIKO-10, and MIKO-21 microohmmeters.

    During the operation, MIKO-group devices have proven themselves to be the best in terms of reliability, ease of use and accuracy of the results obtained on the state of the switching equipment (circuit breakers, disconnectors). The devices are also good at resistance measurement of pressed connections, resistance measurement of transformer windings. The devices are easy to transport (there is a special carrying bag), they are convenient to use due to the small size and built-in power supply.

    Among the disadvantages there is the lack of crocodile clips (or clamps) in the standard complete set for connecting to a large-section busbar (rigid busbar, hollow wires).

    [Manufacturer note]: Device complete set includes those cables that are most often used on various types of objects. Cables that help to measure resistance on large-section busbars are unfortunately used not as often, so they are included to the additional complete set of the devices and are available by request.

    Devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC gave a good account of themselves and can be recommended to the companies performing adjustment or repair works, testings and measurements.

  • Open Original

    Eastern Electrical Grids the branch of IPGC, OJSC

    In the Eastern Electrical Grids the branch of IPGC, OJSC we have been using the following devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC:

    • PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer (since 2012);
    • MIKO-1 microohmmeter (since 2014);
    • MIKO-2.3 micromillikiloohmmeter (since 2019).

    PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer proved to be reliable, there was not a single case of failure. The device allows to measure several parameters in one measurement cycle, which significantly reduces the total time spent on assessment of the circuit breaker technical condition. The ability to use local and remote start expands the application area of this instrument.

    MIKO-1 microohmmeter has established itself as a simple, unpretentious in use, but quite accurate device. It is compact, and its test cables are flexible, therefore the work might be done even at low temperatures.

    MIKO-2.3 device is easy to use due to its small size. The device is equipped with a convenient and useful carrying bag in that you can put all the accessories and test cables. Additionally, we purchased test cables of different lengths and different other accessories that made it easier to work with the device on various equipment. During the use of the device, no failures in its operation were detected.

    We express our gratitude to SKB EP, LLC for the production of high-quality and reliable devices and we recommend the use of these devices to companies of various activity types.

  • Open Original

    Interregionenergotransit, LLP

    The electrotechnical laboratory of Interregionenergotransit, LLP has been using two MIKO-1 devices since 2018.

    MIKO-1 is used to measure the resistance of contact connections of switching devices (high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors, separators), contact connections of busbars of switchgears.

    MIKO-1 meets the stated characteristics, ensures the quality and accuracy of measurements in various conditions. It is easy to use, has a small size and weight. A simple, informative menu makes it easier to operate the measurement process. Independent power supply from the built-in battery allows you to use the device in the field.

    With the help of MIKO-1, there were detected malfunctions in terms of exceeding the threshold resistance of contact connections, which made it possible to prevent defects development and electrical equipment damage.

    We recommend MIKO-1 to laboratories and companies engaged in the operation of electrical equipment.

  • Open Original

    Nakhodka Water Service Company, MUE

    MIKO-1 microohmmeter has been in operation at the Nakhodka Water Service Company, MUE since 2010. It is used for resistance measurement of the switching equipment (oil, vacuum circuit breakers, busbar and cable connections).

    The device is quite convenient and easy to use. Small dimensions, autonomous power supply and simplicity of its operation are only one of the advantages of MIKO-1, plus the device makes fairly accurate measurements. Mainly it is used for troubleshooting and post repair works on busbars, cable connections, oil and vacuum circuit breakers, and other switching equipment.

    A lot of times MIKO-1 helped us to prevent emergency situations.

    We would like to recommend this device for troubleshooting, repairing, and configuring of the switching equipment.

  • Open Original

    The branch of Rosseti Tymen, JSC - Nizhnevartovsk Electrical Networks

    We have been using the devices MIKO-2.3 (2 pcs.), PKV/M7 (1 pc.) and MIKO-1 (1 pc.) in the Vakhsky district of Nizhnevartovsk electrical networks.

    We have been working with your devices for more than 10 years on the following types of high-voltage switches: VGB-35 (6-110kV), S-35 (with the drives SHPE-12 and PP-67), VMT-110, VGT-110, transformers TM (6-10 kV), TMG (6-10kV), and various types of disconnectors with the voltage 6-220 kV.

    All the devices are quite convenient to use.

    With the help of your devices, we have detected a lot of equipment malfunctions.

    The accuracy of the results compared to similar devices of other manufacturers is at a high level. I can sincerely recommend your devices to other organizations.

    T. N. Ratnikov
    Chief Foreman of the Vakhsky District of Nizhnevartovsk electrical networks

  • Open Original

    Kanskaya CHPP, JSC

    The electrotechnical laboratory of Kanskaya CHPP, JSC has used the following devices of SKB EP, LLC in operation: MIKO-1 (since 2009); PKV/M7 and PUV-regulator (since 2016).

    These devices are used to measure and diagnose oil circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers; load-break switches; measurement of transient resistances of contact connections of disconnectors, busbars.

    MIKO-1 microohmmeter has optimal overall dimensions, easy and convenient to use. This device is equipped with a built-in battery, which makes it easier to use it even on the high objects. The disadvantage of this device is the inability to work while charging and the inability to connect power bank when working in the field. 

    [Manufacturer note]: MIKO-1 was developed more than 20 years ago, when the ability to connect to a power bank, as well as the ability to work when charging from mains, weren’t so widespread and necessary. These disadvantages are eliminated for our more modern microohmmeters MIKO-10 and MIKO-21. At the same time, we also would like to note that the built-in battery is safer from the point of view of the device's safety than the external one, and makes it possible to conduct diagnostics and measurements even when the device can’t be connected to the network. If your MIKO-1 runs out of power quickly, we recommend you to replace the battery in the device by yourself (we can send you instructions).

    We also equipped the crocodile-type measuring clamps with measuring forks, which allows to take measurements faster.

    [Manufacturer note]: As regards the additional supply of the measuring terminals with measuring plugs by yourself, we would like to note that it may affect the condition of the cables and the accuracy of the measurement results. In the additional configuration of MIKO-1 (you can learn more about them in the section Complete set) there are measuring cables with with spring loaded needle-type contacts (art. SKB018.13.00.000 and SKB018.17.00.000), which can be used for measuring transient resistances in hard-to-reach areas of any objects with painted or dirty surfaces.

    The devices PKV/M7, PUV-regulator also proved its great quality. They are convenient and easy to use, and what is more, they have high measurement accuracy. The devices allow you to measure a number of important parameters in one cycle (time diversity, compression, speed, etc.), which significantly cuts the processing time and assessment of the technical condition of the switch. The complete set of the device is sufficient for carrying out work on the equipment operated by us.

    The devices of SKB EP LLC have proven themselves positively in terms of operation, accuracy and speed of measurements. Their use can significantly save time for diagnostics of electrical equipment and improve the quality of service.

    We express our gratitude to SKB EP LLC for high-quality and reliable products and recommend these devices to organizations engaged in the repair and operation of equipment.

    V. N. Vladimirov

  • Open Original

    Southern Electrical Grids the branch of Magadanenergo, PJSC

    Magadanenergo, PJSC, informs you that MIKO-1 device has been successfully used in Southern Electrical Grids for more than 10 years. During operation MIKO-1 has proven itself positively due to its simple operation, compact design, light weight, and special carrying case. This device is convenient to use and can be used directly at the installation place of electrical equipment.

    High quality of assembly as well as accuracy of measurements of the device MIKO-1 allowed us to improve the quality of control for the required parameters during repair and service operations.

    L. S. Kolbina
    Acting Deputy chief engineer –
    Head of the Department of operation, repair and technical re-equipment of electric networks

  • Open Original

    Tulenergo the branch of IDGC Centre and Volga region, PJSC

    Since 2006, Tulenergo the branch of IDGC of Center and Volga region, PJSC, has been using devices PKV/M6, PKV/M7, MIKO-1 and PKR-2M manufactured by SKB EP, LLC.

    PKV/M7 and MIKO-1 have become irreplaceable assistants in diagnostic of high-voltage switches the following types: VMG-133, VMP-10, VK-10, VBM-10-20, S-35, VT-35, VGBE- 35, MKP-110, VGT-110. PKR-2M is used to accurately and quickly assess the state of the switching device of power transformers.

    All devices are reliable, convenient and easy to use thanks to the clear interface and small dimensions.

    We express our gratitude to SKB EP, LLC for the production of high-quality and also we recommend devices of the company to organizations involved in the installation, debugging, operation and repair of electrical equipment.

    Churakov A.V.
    Commissioning and testing engineer of Diagnostic Service

    Odinets A. A.
    Acting head of Diagnostic Service

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