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Successful testings on high-voltage equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan

From 18th to 20th September, 2019 SKB EP specialists held a series of theoretical and practical studies on high-voltage equipment in the city of Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan. The trainings were organized jointly with representatives of official SKB EP representative on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The first two days were devoted to work with employees of the Kazakhstan railways. Using MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter specialists succeeded to measure winding resistance of the oil power transformer TDTNZH - 40000 / 115/27,5/11 – U1.

Contact resistance of the vacuum auto circuit breaker Siemens 3AH4 784-2 was checked via MIKO-21 high-precision microohmmeter. Operating control of HV equipment was carried out using a circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7.

Regional electric grid company employees, as well as employees of the locomotive construction plant measured contact resistance using MIKO-10 small-sized microohmmeter and a MIKO-7M(A) milliohmmeter. Quality control department representatives highly appreciated functional and dimensional benefits of SKB EP instruments over their foreign analogues.

Thank you for your appreciation of SKB EP instruments!
Waiting forward for further cooperation!

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