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Practical training for Minskenergo specialists

In mid-December SKB EP organized a practical training for Minskenergo specialists. The training was held together with Belenergokip, LLC that is an official SKB EP partner in Republic of Belarus. Our specialist gave a report under the program Control and diagnostics of high-voltage electromechanic equipment with SKB EP instruments.

A complex training consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical.

At the first day of the training SKB EP specialist explained basic features of high-voltage circuit breaker diagnostics with PKV group instruments, and told about different resistance measurement modes in MIKO group instruments. Our specialist also told about new company's developments, as well as about OLTC diagnostics with PKR group instruments.

Within the training all the SKB EP instruments were represented, but particular emphasis was made on PKV/M7 high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer, MIKO-8MA milliohmmeter and MIKO-1 microohmmeter according to experience that Minskenergo specialists had previously received while working with SKB EP instruments.

After the theoretical part participants of the training mentioned a list of the instruments, that they want to procure:

  • MIKO-10 compact microohmmeter. Minskenergo specialists appreciated portability and convenience of use of the instrument. The instrument can be fixed on the wrist by special belts leaving both hands free to facilitate measuring process.
  • PKR-2M OLTC analyzer attracted Minskenergo specialists with an advanced DRM test mode. DRM test enables to perform OLTC oscillography in in-place check mode, but measurement results are performed in the format of direct diagnostics. In addition, the instrument saves measurement time, because diagnostics is carried out in three phases simultaneously.

The practical part of the training was held at the second day at one of Slutsk Electric Networks substations on oil-blast circuit breakers and on a power transformer with OLTC. Minskenergo specialists had an opportunity to assess the state of the circuit breakers with PKV/M7 and PUV-controller. The specialists were interested in installation process of linear and angular transducers, as well as in peculiarities of graphs decoding and analysis. In addition, Minskenergo is going to upgrade its high-voltage circuit breakers and replace Soviet circuit breakers with foreign gas-insulated ones. That's why specialists were interested in PKV/M7 use at SF6 circuit breakers.

SKB EP representative explained that the difference between PKV/M7 and its analogues is that PKV/M7 has a wider functionality. It is designed to assess state of the circuit breakers of Soviet, Russian and foreign production of oil, vacuum and gas-insulated types.

SKB EP specialist demonstrated different measurement methods and the installation process of linear and angular transducers. These transducers are intended for time and travel characteristics measurement. After the tests was carried out an analysis of the obtained graphic data. Also Minskenergo specialists analyzed measurement results, that were accumulated by the electricians of Slutsk Electric Networks.

A power oil-blast transformer with OLTC was chosen to work with advanced MIKO-8MA milliohmmeter.

MIKO-8MA is ahead of similar instruments represented in the market due to a number of functional and technical features. For example it has a large resistance range from 10 µΩ to 10 kΩ and an additional in-place check mode of OLTCs with DRM test.

Minskenergo specialists learned about new professional MIKO-9 milliohmmeter during the training. It differs from MIKO-8MA in following features:

  • larger resistance range from 10 µΩ to 30 kΩ;
  • demagnetization mode of the magnetic core of the transformer;
  • heat run test;
  • simultaneous connection to 3 phases of transformer and measurement process with auto phase change.

These features save time at diagnostics of power transformers, especially with OLTC.

Minskenergo specialists asked a lot of questions during the training and noted practical convenience and wide functionality of SKB EP instruments.

We are grateful for the opportunity of direct communication with Minskenergo specialists.

If you are interested in SKB EP practical trainings, you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail: Our specialists would be glad to help you to choose a program appropriate for your purposes and requirements.

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