Special instrument UMVV-1.1 for circuit breakers monitoring

SKB EP is an expert in the field of high-voltage circuit breakers and power transformers diagnostic and control. Besides improving existing instruments, the company is constantly developing new devices. Сheck out the latest news on our website – the information about new special device UMVV-1.1 will be published soon.

UMVV-1.1 is designed to estimate circuit breaker contact wear rate and to perform online-monitoring of the commutation resource of high-voltage circuit breakers of various voltage classes.

There are the main functional features of UMVV-1.1:

  • Commutation resource prediction of HV circuit breaker;
  • Measurement of arc burning durations and current values during close and opening operations;
  • Warning signals about the resource decreasing below the thresholds;
  • Faults recorder mode;
  • Display of the lowest resource on the screen;
  • Data transfer via MicroSD card or via LAN-cable to computer;
  • Individual device adaptation for different types of high-voltage circuit breakers depending on their current state.

With the help of UMVV-1.1, it is possible to make a constant state assessment of high-voltage circuit breakers, as well as accident prevention and early detection of the faults.

The device has already passed its 2.5-year-long probation at the substation and totally proved declared functionality.

UMVV-1.1 interface and device panel will be available in English soon. Stay tuned!

SKB EP specialists are always ready to help you and answer all the questions via e-mail skb@skbep.com or via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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