High-voltage circuit breakers diagnostic with UMVV-1.1

After the announcement of the new device UMVV-1.1, which is designed to estimate circuit breaker contact wear rate, SKB EP continued to actively cooperate with interested customers in order to test the device on real objects.

In the beginning of September, SKB EP specialists installed UMVV-1.1 at the Baikal and Eastern substations of Southern Electric Networks (IESK, JSC). Before the device installation, preparation work was done, since it is always necessary to take into account the individual technical characteristics of each object where UMVV-1.1 can be installed. This time UMVV-1.1 was installed at oil circuit breaker of MKP- 10M type and at SF6 circuit breaker of SIEMENS 3APFG-145 type.

It is worth noting that SKB EP has been cooperating with Southern Electric Networks for a long time. As a result of this partnership, SKB EP as a manufacturer always has the opportunity to test devices on real objects, and specialists of IESK, JSC have the opportunity to get additional practical advices and analysis of the diagnostic results.

UMVV-1.1 makes it possible to carry out a continuous assessment of circuit breaker state, which allows you to prevent emergency situations, due to ongoing monitoring and early detection of failure possibility.

There is a number of functional advantages of working with UMVV-1.1:

  • Commutation resource prediction of HV circuit breaker;
  • Measurement of arc burning durations and current values during close and opening operations;
  • Faults recorder mode;
  • Warning signals about the resource decreasing below the thresholds;
  • Data transfer via MicroSD card or via LAN-cable to computer;
  • Individual device adaptation for different types of high-voltage circuit breakers depending on their current state.

The installation of UMVV-1.1 was successful, it will take some time to collect detailed data. If you would like to learn about the results of the device operation and its work, stay tuned to the news of SKB EP!

If you are also interested in such device for your equipment, contact us via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail skb@skbep.com.

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