MIKO-21 presentation in Indonesia

Thanks to the active work of a reliable representative, SKB EP instruments have been presented and supplied to Indonesia for about 2 years. During this time, Indonesian companies especially appreciate modern and high precision micro-ohmmeters MIKO-21 and MIKO-10 manufactured by SKB EP.

When choosing an instrument for DC electrical resistance measurement, Indonesian specialists base their choice on accuracy, functionality and portability of the device. That is why these instruments are preferred.

The pandemic in South Asian countries is diminishing, and the active work on presentations is going to be restarted. The most recent presentation of high precision micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21 was held for specialists of a large Indonesian company, that provides citizens with electricity. SKB EP representative told the audience about the micro-ohmmeter features with a particular focus on its technical characteristics, as well as demonstrated the instrument functionality.

MIKO-21 is a high precision micro-ohmmeter that is designed for high precision measurements of DC electrical resistance in the range from 0.1 µΩ to 2 Ω. has a unique accuracy of ±0.05%. What is more, MIKO-21 has a wide range of useful features that makes the work easier for its users and saves their time.

The clients appreciated the wide range of MIKO-21 functions, the possibilities of work and low weight and small dimensions of the instrument.

SKB EP instruments presentations in Indonesia are held on a scheduled basis, official representatives continue expanding the client base and grow the number of SKB EP devices users.

If you want to become our partner or you have questions on devices, please send an e-mail to skb@skbep.com or call +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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