The PKV/M7 instrument has no analogues: experience of users

The major share of instruments available at the market for HV circuit breaker control do not allow objective assessment the the circuit breaker condition as they do not take into account peculiarities of testing of either old or new equipment. This issue has been widely discussed in journals. Lack of objective information on the equipment condition leads to unnecessary costs for its maintenance and repair.

The PKV/M7 instrument is used both by companies operating the circuit breakers and by companies dealing with overhaul of old equipment and installation of nаew one. For the latest five years the PKV/M7 instrument has been successfully used for complex testing of equipment at Ekaterinburg TGK-9.

Opinion of TGK-9 technicians on the PKV/M7 instrument

Circuit breaker analizers PKV/M7

Use of the  PKV/M7 instrument considerably reduces time of complex tests and raises its quality.  It reveals concealed defects that are most risky during operation, allows elimination of unnecessary overhauls.

This instrument allows identification of a buffer fault, that is a rather gross defect. The graphs show presence of 'nippings' in the phases. The graph allows accurate detection of the defect locality. Moreover, the graph allows one to presume the defect availability if speed is lower than the rated one. All the time and speed characteristics in this case can correspond to the reference data, i.e., following the standard measurements the circuit breaker would have been found operable.

The PKV/M7 allows diagnosis of a such a gross defect as clearances in the moving parts of a circuit breaker.  This is evidenced by peculiar features on the graphs obtained during measurements at each phase.  Time and speed parameters at this defect can correspond to the reference data, but the graphs show the process of clearances origin that may further lead to a circuit breaker failure.  Thus, the PKV/M7 has obvious merits and considerably facilitates the circuit breaker control.


PNP BOLID Company (Novosibirsk) on the instrument mobility and usability

The PKV/M7 allows testing of a number of HV circuit breaker parameters.  Mobility is one of its major benefits.  An built-in block for drive control of a tested circuit breaker, a power switch that allows measurements on the de-energized switching device is a rather useful solution that ensures the works safety.

Specialists of OJSC Negusneft (Raduzhny City) note the multi-functionality of the instrument

The PKV/M7 instrument for HV circuit breakers control that is manufactured by SKB EP Company (Irkutsk) was procured in May, 2008.   The instrument allows control of a large number of parameters during one cycle, which is very convenient and reduces time of control.  It is not impacted by temperature, it is water-, dust- and shock-proof.

During the last year the PKV/M7 instrument  was  enhanced following the references and recommendations of users:

  • Added was a USB-port for downloading the results of measurement on a flash-card; 
  • Templates of measurement settings are now supported similarly to templates of the PC program (creation, change, deletion); 
  • Maximum time of analogue data collection has been increased to 5.2s (against previous 2s); 
  • A function for contacts status check prior to measurements has been added; 
  • Maximum speed of DP12 linear transducer is assumed to be no less than 40m/s (against previous 20m/s);
  • A mode of service life testing with complex cycles has been added under availability of a function of contacts status control between them;
  • Length of cable for local and remote start-up was extended up to 5m;
  • Special fasteners have been developed for transducer mounting on SF6 circuit breakers of foreign manufacture.

Owing to those modifications we have got a universal instrument that allows control of HV oil, vacuum, and SF6 circuit breakers of Russian (including circuit breakers of "old" design) and foreign manufacture.

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