Milli-ohmmeter MIKO-7M(A)

DC current resistance measurement in inductive and noninductive circuits in the range from 10 µOhm ÷ 2 kOhm for the current of up to 10А:

  • Windings of power and measurement transformers, windings of electric motors, generators, linear compensators and windings of other high-inductance equipment;
  • Contacts of circuit breakers, resistors, buses and other inductance-free circuits;
  • Selector contacts of OLTC devices,  of earthing devices, disconnecting switches and of other detachable and non-detachable contacts. 

Specific modes for measuring different objects The device integrates special-purpose modes for measuring different objects with account of their specific features: resistive and inductance objects; voltage transformers; current and power transformers.

For customer’s choice the MIKO-7M milliohmmeter has two modifications: with an in-built battery (MIKO-7MA) and without an in-built battery (MIKO-7M). The device can also be powered from the mains (≃ 110÷220, 330V).

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