Testing of the Instrument for Control of PKR-2 Transformer OLTCs

In order to improve the instruments and their accessories, SKB EP company conducts periodic test measurements on operating equipment in the field or on specialized test benches.

In late June, the experts from SKB EP have tested the enhanced PKR-2 program RS-4 OLTC. On the tap changer type RS-4. RS contactors have no special sockets or terminals for connection of wires to the terminals of contactor contacts for radial diagram measurement and oscillography of the contactor. Therefore, in order to conduct the measurement, it is necessary to connect directly to the arm of the contactor contacts. This is possible only after opening the OLTC tank with its oil slightly drained or using special probes.

Test measurements were performed by connecting PKR-2 OLTC to C phase

Connection of PKR-2 to OLTC is provided by the cable equipped with alligator clips, and long contact probes allow you to measure characteristics without draining the oil from the contactor tank.

The instrument for control of OLTCs of PKR-2 transformers allows for the simultaneous radial diagram measurement and oscillography for contactor switching during one switch from tap to tap. For radial diagram measurement the instrument is equipped with a high-precision angular movement sensor.

Obtained characteristics are reflected on the large color graphics display. Display touch panel simplifies and speeds up the user interaction with the instrument when processing the characteristics for the determination of the technical state of OLTC.

These tests are necessary for the identification of the correct and error-free wiring diagram of the instrument and diagnostics methods, depending on the switching device, in this case OLTC type, which lets you create high-quality and visual training material for energy experts, who will work with the instrument.

SKB EP company doesn’t stand still and tries to conduct such kind of test measurements as often as possible, for example, the recent field testing of PKR-2 instrument was this spring, and the next are scheduled for autumn.

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