Testing of Instruments for Control of Transformer OLTC

SKB EP is a fully integrated manufacturer, so one of the main goals the company's specialists set for themselves is to create safe, comfortable and functional equipment for control and diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to conduct systematic tests on real objects, which is one of the main steps in the production process of the company.

In mid-July, a group of SKB EP experts has conducted a comprehensive work on the TDN-10000/110 power transformer with on-load tape charger (OLTC), which is designed for conversion and transmission of AC current located in the substation "Academicheskaya" (Irkutsk).

The following was involved in the work:

  • MIKO-8 milliohmmeter, which is in addition to measurements of the DC resistance of the transformer windings is able to carry out in-place diagnostics of OLTCs without removing the contactor tank cover (DRM method).
  • PKR-2 instrument for control of OLTCs, which enables a check of the main OLTC characteristics set in the regulatory documents (for example, oscillography of the contactor and simultaneous radial diagram measurement of three phases) both for reactor and high-speed OLTCs)..

The main objective was to check that attachment devices and transducers may be easily connected, depending on the type of switching device, in this case OLTC type, and to identify the degree of influence of the type of attachment devices on the measurement error. In addition, tests of three new measurement algorithms of MIKO-8 milliohmmeter were carried out.

SKB EP company doesn’t stand still and tries to tests its equipment and accessories as often as possible, both at the existing facilities in the field and on the specialized test benches. The results allow creating even more complete and intuitive training material for energy experts, who will work with the instruments for control and diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers.

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