A review about exploitation of PKR-2 instrument

We remind you that this instrument is available in two versions: PKR-2 and PKR-2M.

PKR-2M is a modification of the PKR-2 instrument and differs from it, first of all, by the ability to do OLTC-test using both demountable and in-place (DRM) methods.

In addition, PKR-2M has a built-in battery and the ability to transfer data to an external flash drive.

  • Open Original

    "Belenergoremont" branch of "Belenergoremnaladka", JSC

    Since 2018,the Belenergoremont" branch of "Belenergoremnaladka", JSC has been operating an OLTC analyzer PKR-2 device.

    During the entire life of the specified device, there were no facts of incorrect operation. The equipment has established itself as reliable, unpretentious and easy to operate

    As necessary, service, warranty, as well as qualified support in the operation of the device are provided by the supplier of NPP Belenergokip promptly and in full.

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