New Realities – New Us

Rebranding shall be done at least every 3-5 years, since the brand become outdated not only visually, but often ideologically – the values and target audience are changed, and, of course, the company takes new challenges.

We took cosmetic measures and restyled (redesigned) the attributes of our SKB EP brand, while maintaining the fundamental ideology of the company - "Innovative monitoring and diagnostic instruments for true professionals!"


It was important to refresh the visual component - the logo and corporate identity. Most of our customers and partners participated in the vote, choosing the best logo option.

Why did we do this? SKB EP is reaching a new level of equipment supplies. Now our instruments work not only in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia), but also in the EU countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria), Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia) and South America countries (Ecuador, Peru), so it was important to emphasize the global status of the company in the new logo.

SKB EP new logo from 2020:

  • Updated modern font for the abbreviation of SKB EP;
  • A graphic element that symbolizes a graph of data on the instrument screen. Note: most SKB EP instruments record the diagnostic results in the form of graphs, which allows detecting incipient defects in the early stages, rather than diagnostics using only digital data;
  • Two updated basic colors - purple and orange.Note: purple indicates high quality and innovativeness of the product, and orange reflects energy and development, while giving a sense of trust and balance. If we refer to the practice of Feng Shui, then the purple color reflects the principle of YIN, and orange of YANG, which together create trust, balance, and harmony.

The logo change entails a change of the entire corporate identity which will follow the same basic principles and emphasize the visual positioning of the SKB EP brand in the instrumentation and automation market.

For us, this is not just a procedure of a complete change of concept and style, it is a kind of movement to a whole new level, which will be much higher than the previous one. At the moment, the development of export potential is a strategically important area for SKB EP, because it allows us to be among the leading manufacturers not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also in new sales markets. In addition, the production capacities are able to meet the market demand, and the manufacturer has already enough strength to make itself known in the world.


If there is a change in the logo, corporate colors, and other elements of the brand, then the “website redesign” is necessary too, first of all, to improve usability (user convenience). We assume that our regular customers have already noticed that our official website has changed.

We have made every effort to ensure that the information presented on the site is organized in a maximum logical and convenient way for you to study.

In the new website:

  • Work with the main menu INSTRUMENTS allows you to "select" the equipment based on your key needs, and not by the names of the instrument. In addition, there is a  simple tool for "equipment selection", you can choose an instrument depending on the area of ​​use and the type of facility;
  • There is still presented the detailed description of the advantages and differences of instruments, the technical specifications, standard / additional complete set (with photos and description), reviews, certificates and overview videos;
  • A sufficient number of target forms has been implemented in order to send requests / questions of different nature so that your request could reach the right specialist as quickly as possible;
  • The personal account has been updated. The access to the account, as well as to the useful materials (an abridged User’s Manual, testing procedures, training videos, software) are now available only to the end-users of SKB EP instruments;
  • A new section EVENTS has been established. There is the entire list of events that we plan in the near future, and in which you can participate or communicate with the manufacturer;
  • There are more videos, photos and useful articles.

At the moment, the website is in the process of final testing and completing. If you have suggestions for improving the functionality of the website, or if you find any errors or problems with the functionality in the website, please contact us via the feedback form or send e-mail to

We hope that our new website will provide high-quality and convenient communication.

Due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the introduction of a self-isolation regime, many changes in the global economy and business activity have taken place, but SKB EP does not stop, it adapts to health requirements and to the situation as a whole, which means it continues to develop, manufacture high-quality equipment, and provides its services in full for the benefit of the clients.

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