Diagnostics of Sieyuan LW36-126 SF6 circuit breaker with PKV/M7

At the beginning of September, our specialists were allowed to diagnose a Sieyuan LW36-126 (Chinese HV CB) with PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer.

PKV/M7 is an SKB EP flagship among the circuit breaker analyzers. The instrument is designed to measure the parameters of many types of circuit breakers both foreign and Russian-made ones.PKV/M7 enables simultaneous control of the following parameters: time, travel, and speed characteristics of moving parts of circuit breakers. It also allows you to register instant values of currents and voltages of control electromagnets.

The device has been represented on the market for a long time, and it managed to win its amazed audience. (see reviews);

During the diagnostics of the Sieyuan LW36-126 CB, it was found out that it is necessary to manufacture a special fastening device for transducer fixing on the equipment. Therefore, the development and construction department of SKB EP started to work on its manufacture.

After the new fastening device was manufactured, SKB EP engineers returned to the facility and completed all the planned diagnostics. Successful tests confirmed the adaptability of PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer to many types of HV circuit breakers once again.

If you have any difficulties in diagnostics of new types of high-voltage equipment or you can’t choose fastening devices for transducer fixing, feel free to contact us! We are always ready to help you!

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