Trainings in Kazan

On August 27, 2020, engineers of SKB EP, LLC held a training in Kazan for employees of large energy enterprises.

During the training, SKB EP specialists demonstrated the functionality of the MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter and PKR-2M OLTC analyzer and provided a detailed explanation of how to use devices at customers’ facilities. The first part of the practical demonstration took place on a Siemens TRDN -25000/110 three-phase transformer.

At first, there was measured the DC winding resistance with the help of MIKO-9A. Specialists noted the ability to measure resistance by three phases simultaneously and the ability to switch the OLTC directly during diagnostics. The last-mentioned feature significantly speeds up the measurement process.

During the training, we have also demonstrated the work of DRM mode in the PKR-2M OLTC analyzer. Training participants pointed out this feature as it allows them to check the state of the OLTC without opening the tank, which significantly reduces operating time and costs.

The seminar turned out to be intense and interesting: the participants asked different questions dedicated to the devices’ use on their objects, took the initiative during the practical tests, and left us a lot of positive feedback. We thank our partner for organizing this event.

Such trainings are an excellent opportunity to get to know SKB EP devices. Our engineers will show you the devices in action according to the individual program.

You can leave a request for the training here. We are always happy to help our clients!

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