New videos about the devices of SKB EP!

SKB EP constantly works on the development and production of modern high-precision and compact devices for monitoring and diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers.

For the convenience of potential and existing customers, SKB EP actively creates different types of videos and publishes them on the official website and on the YouTube channel, so that the necessary materials are always available online.

On open access at the company's website and YouTube channel, you can find promotional videos that’ll tell you about the main characteristics of each device and its advantages, and also you can watch video reviews that demonstrate the devices, its functions and possibilities of use in more detail.

Subscribe to the SKB EP channel on YouTube if you want to know about video updates and to learn more about devices of the company!


The latest published video on the YouTube channel is dedicated to a manipulating rod, which is created for more convenient connecting of measuring cable clips to inputs of the high-voltage equipment without the use of ladders or elevators. Watch new videos on SKP EP’s channel, write comments and leave your reactions!

Also, the company is creating additional training videos for existing clients, which are only available to users that registered on the website (go to register and to get access and all benefits there: At the moment, SKB EP team is actively working on shooting detailed training videos with features of working with the MIKO-21, MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A) and MIKO-9A devices. It will be posted soon – register and stay tuned!

SKB EP's YouTube channel is constantly updated and filled with useful content for existing and potential clients of the company- subscribe and be the first to learn about updates!

If you still have any questions about the product after watching the videos, please call +7 (812) 500-25-48, and we will be happy to clarify all the important details for You.

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