The results of the practical training for the team of “Rosseti Tyumen”, JSC

In the middle of September, SKB EP specialists held a practical training for Rosseti Tyumen, JSC employees. During the training, there was demonstrated the functionality of PKV/M7, PKR-2М and MIKO-9A.

The first part of the training was dedicated to the diagnostics of the high-voltage low-oil circuit breaker VMT-110 with the help of PKV/M7. This instrument is designed for diagnostics of the technical condition of high-voltage circuit breakers up to 4 breaks. Training participants mentioned the advantage of the device that it has a connection with a PC that allows you to study obtained graphs in detail, and also to save measurement results in electronic format.

The second part of the training was dedicated to demonstrate the functionality of MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter and PKR-2M specialized OLTC analyzer. Devices’ presentation was held on the TDN 16000/110 transformer.

With MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter there was measured DC resistance. This instrument allows you to connect to three phases of the transformer simultaneously. And this allows you to reduce the number of going up and down to the transformer inputs for test cables connection.

A special feature of PKR-2М is the ability to perform diagnostics of transformer OLTC using non-demountable mode (DRM method), which was demonstrated to the participants of the training. As a result of such diagnostics there are graphs (oscillograms) built, on that there are represented all the features of the OLTC operation at the moments of switching. And after diagnostics made on the TDN 16000/110 transformer SKB EP specialists explained them in detail.

Rosseti Tyumen, JSC employees already have an experience in working with devices manufactured by SKB EP, therefore, they are interested in new developments and are going to continue the cooperation.

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