SKB EP employees work even in extreme weather conditions!

This year, the winter in Russia was quite cold and snowy, but for the SKB EP specialists, extreme weather conditions are not a problem!

Most recently SKB EP engineers held two on-site events and did utmost to test the devices in severe winter weather conditions and, what is more, to capture these moments on photos and videos. Due to the that now it is possible to show you the new test results.

The first testing was performed on the VGT-110 circuit breaker with the help of high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N, PUV-10 and industrial micro-ohmmeter MIKO-1. This testing was held on the territory of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University. The outside temperature was -20°C, a strong wind was blowing, but despite the weather conditions all the necessary measurements were obtained. That means that the devices confirmed their operability during cold temperatures. The test results will be published on our website soon. Stay tuned!

Another testing was carried out at the Vostochnaya substation in Saint Petersburg with the help of MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter and PKR-2M transformer OLTC analyzer. At the appointed day, the temperature went below -15 °C, which is very low for this region, a snowstorm came, and during the measurement process, or specialists had to clear the devices from the snow in order to see the information on the displays and to record it.

Both testings were successful, the equipment stood out freezing cold and precipitation and worked properly.

SKB EP specialists demonstrated their moral courage and bravery in the face of severe weather conditions and carried out the necessary work, as well as took a lot of new interesting photos and videos for you!

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