Worldwide education

Sometimes SKB EP clients need help with diagnostics of their equipment. That is when our trainings come handy. SKB EP provides education not only in CIS countries but also worldwide with the help of our distributors. Recently there was a training in Thailand about the use of MIKO-9A specifically at client’s equipment.

MIKO-9A is an advanced precision milli-ohmmeter which is developed to measure DC resistance in the range from 1 µOhm ÷ 30 kOhm for the current of up to 10А. It is one of our flagship devices. 4 measurement channels are built into this device that allow you to measure resistance on 3 windings on the HV or LV side without unnecessary cables reconnection.

At the start of the training, there was measured the DC winding resistance. Specialists noted the ability to measure resistance by three phases simultaneously and the ability to switch the taps of the OLTC directly during the diagnostics. The last-mentioned feature significantly speeds up the measurement process.

The training turned out to be intense and interesting: the participants asked different questions dedicated to the instrument use on their sites, took the initiative during the practice, and left a positive feedback. We would like to thank our Thai partner for organizing this event.

If you have any questions about using our instruments feel free to contact us. The education is completely free! To register on the training please leave a request HERE. SKB EP engineers will be glad to help you.

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