The first SKB EP presentation in China!

SKB EP keeps expanding sales boundaries and establishing cooperation with new distributors from different countries. SKB EP instruments are appreciated by customers all over the world because of their quality, stability of work, conformity with international standards, and high measurement accuracy. Most recently the first presentation was held in China!

For SKB EP it is a new market and the first cooperation with China. During this presentation there were represented MIKO-10 compact micro-ohmmeter, MIKO-21 high-precision micro-ohmmeter, as well as MIKO-2.3 multipurpose low / high resistance meter and the Manipulating rod.

MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter advantages are its small dimensions and ease of use that allow to take instant DC resistance measurements within the range from 1 µΩ to 0.1 Ω. MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeter has the highest accuracy among the analogues of ±0.05% at test current up to 200 A. This instrument measures the electrical resistance in non-inductive circuits in the range 0.1 µΩ - 2 Ω.

MIKO-2.3 is a portable mini-laboratory that operates in four modes: micro-ohmmeter, milli-ohmmeter, kilo-ohmmeter and thermometer. This instrument allows to measure the resistance in the micro-ohmmeter mode with test current up to 1,000 A.

The presentation of SKB EP instruments in China was successful, and our specialists would continue to work with new partners on the cooperation development.

If you have any questions on micro-ohmmeters or other SKB EP instruments, feel free to contact us via e-mail or via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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