The results of practical training in Thailand with MIKO-9A

The practical training was held for a team of electrotechnical company in Thailand which is ready to start working with their new MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter.

MIKO-9A is an advanced precise milli-ohmmeter that is developed to measure DC resistance in inductive and non-inductive circuits in the range from 1 µΩ to 30 kΩ with test current up to 10 A. An additional functionality of the device is the DRM-test mode that allows to assess the state of the OLTCs with current limiting resistors without removing contactor tank cover, demagnetization mode and Heat run test mode.

MIKO-9A has been developed with consideration of all the modern industry requirements, that is why it has a number of advantages over other devices of this assignment:

The special AUTO 3Ph mode permits simultaneous connection to three phases of the transformer and takes measurements with automatic switch between phases. This mode reduces the total number of test cable reconnections from 6 to 2.

The 2 WINDINGS mode makes it possible to simultaneously measure the resistance on two windings. It guarantees a fast and reliable measurement of electrical resistance on heavy power transformers with secondary windings being delta connected, when the use of traditional methods does not give a stable result.

MIKO-9A automates the operating process and also makes the work easier for users as it reduces energy and time consumption.

The training was successful, the participants learned necessary information and also had an opportunity to ask the experts about work with MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter in detail when getting acquainted with the instrument.

During the training, SKB EP dealer from Thailand demonstrated MIKO-9A special modes, explained the principles of resistance measurement, as well as the features of the device configuration. After that participants of the training carried out measurements on 1,000 kVA and 1,250 kVA transformers using the AUTO 3Ph mode and Manual mode. The accuracy of the obtained results was high. The whole training on two transformers was carried out within just an hour!

SKB EP constantly holds trainings for customers and does everything possible to ensure that the working process with our products will be as clear, simple and convenient as possible!

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