The results of INRTU professors’ education

SKB EP constantly works on the development of high-voltage equipment diagnostic, and is engaged not only in device manufacture and holding trainings for customers, but also works with educational institutions. Recently, was held a training for the Department of Electric Power Stations, Networks and Systems of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University (INRTU). Previously, SKB EP specialists prepared laboratory trainings for the students, and this time they performed training for the university professors. The training was dedicated to working with high-voltage equipment diagnostic devices. The most important is that professors will provide this information to students in practical classes.

During the training, SKB EP technical engineer told about the features of high-voltage circuit breakers and OLTC devices diagnostic, and represented the functionality of PKV/M7 circuit breaker analyzer, MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeter and PKR-2M OLTC analyzer.

It is important to notice that SKB EP specialist, who conducted the training, is an alumnus of this university, and it’s especially important to save the continuity of generations and to exchange experience and knowledge.

The training included two parts. The first one was theoretical, where all the information about SKB EP devices and the latest developments was particularly represented. During the second part which was practical the participants carried out real testings with the help of PKV/M7 and MIKO-21. The practical part of the training was held on the high-voltage SF6 circuit breaker VGT-110 that is located on the territory of the INRTU testing ground.

Thanks to the prepared program, the training participants were able to work with the devices manufactured by SKB EP and to evaluate their functional features by themselves. All works on connecting to the object were carried out with the help of manipulating rod, which allows you to work without the use of ladders and without dangerous climbing to the object and, what is more, manipulating rod eliminates the expenses on a car lift service.

During this successful training INRTU professors received detailed information about SKB EP devices and the features of high-voltage equipment diagnostic. They had an opportunity to ask all the questions and were able to evaluate the functionality of SKB EP devices in operation. INRTU employees noted the thoroughness of SKB EP in research practice and the significance of new diagnostic methods introduction.

SKB EP specialists are actively working with educational institutions in order to contribute to the education of further engineers and specialists in the electrotechnical industry. The main purpose of such cooperation is to develop the field of high-voltage circuit breakers and power transformers diagnostic. If you represent a university and you are interested in this cooperation, please contact us via phone: +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail:

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