Continue our work in China

In early April, we announced our first SKB EP equipment presentation held in China. It was the distributor’s first seminar for the sub-distributors.

The active work has started, and the sub-distributors went in the field to perform the equipment demonstrations to the potential customers.

China specialists have a special interest to micro-ohmmeters. In the course of the presentation the potential customers were familiarized with compact MIKO-10, high precision MIKO-21, multifunction low / high resistance meter MIKO-2.3.

All three micro-ohmmeters are designed for contact resistance measurement of demountable and non-demountable electrical contact connections, and also for main contacts resistance measurement of high-voltage circuit breakers.

  • MIKO-10 allows to perform express measurements of contact resistance in the range of 1 μΩ to 0.1 Ω at a current of 10A. One of its features is that it can be fasten on the arm, to the belt, or hang on the neck, since it has an ergonomic case and a weight of no more than 0.5 kg.
  • MIKO-21 is designed for contact resistance measurement in the range of 0.1 μΩ to 2 Ω with an accuracy of just ±0.05% at a current of 200A. This is a flagship device in SKB EP micro-ohmmeters line, and it has a wide range of advantage functionalities which facilitate the user’s work.
  • MIKO-2.3 is a portable mini-laboratory that performs measurement of DC electrical resistance and temperature of electrical equipment different parts. This is a unique device, since with a light weight of just 2.7 kg it includes the functionality of 4 devices: micro-ohmmeter, milli-ohmmeter, kilo-ohmmeter, and a maximum test current in the micro-ohmmeter mode is 1000A.

SKB EP devices demonstrations in China are performed as planned, the official representatives continue their work on the development of cooperation with potential customers.

If you want to become our partner or you have questions on devices, please send an e-mail to or call +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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