Regular OLTC testing with the help of PKR-2M

At the invitation of Southern Electric Networks, the branch of "IESK", JSC, SKB EP engineers visited the company in order to diagnose the RS-9 type OLTC with the use of PKR-2M analyzer.

PKR-2M allows you to check the technical condition of resistor and reactor OLTCs. It can be used for circular diagram measurements and oscillogram analysis in the DRM mode. This mode allows to conduct express diagnostics of the OLTC technical condition without opening the tank or OLTC removing.

With OLTC non-demountable check, PKR-2M device makes it possible to assess the OLTC technical condition that helps to reduce time and money expenses. This mode is based on the DRM (Dynamic Resistance Measurement) method and consists of measuring the test current intensity through the winding in which the OLTC is included. Based on the results obtained, there are two graphs built:

  • resistance versus time;
  • test current conductivity versus time.

During the testing at Southern Electric Networks, SKB EP engineers conducted an RS-9 type OLTC diagnostic using the DRM-test method. As a result, the OLTC malfunctions were identified, and information about its technical condition was obtained.

If you have any questions about PKR-2 and PKR-2M OLTC analyzers or if you need recommendations about the devices for you, feel free to contact us via phone: +7 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail:

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