Results of the international business mission in the Kingdom of Morocco

The international business mission took place on June 8-11 in Casablanca (the Kingdom of Morocco), within the framework of which the St. Petersburg companies’ representatives were able to present their own products to the representatives of the Moroccan business environment. This business mission was organized with the support of the St. Petersburg Export Support Center.

As a part of the business mission, SKB EP representative participated in 15 meetings with potential Moroccan customers and partners, including the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Federation of Mining Industry, Sofa MAROC, Sociétés énergie electrique GESTELEC, La marocaine de l'art de construire, etc.

Within the framework of meetings and communication, the entire line of devices manufactured by SKB EP was presented, and the particular interest was aroused by:

  • Modern micro-ohmmeters MIKO-10 and MIKO-21, which are designed to measure resistance in non-inductive circuits;
  • Functional milli-ohmmeters MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A), and MIKO-9A, with the main function to measure resistance in inductive circuits;
  • СSpecialized device PKR-2M for control of transformers OLTC, and a universal device – a Manipulating rod.

Representatives of Moroccan companies especially noted the combination of devices multifunctionality with their small dimensions, as well as the devices capabilities that significantly reduce the time and money spent on diagnostic of high-voltage equipment.

The Moroccan market is quite modern, the digitalization of the electric power industry is in full swing in the country, in which SKB EP will be glad to take part.

The business mission has become an excellent platform for the acquaintance of the Moroccan companies with SKB EP devices. This kind of event made it possible not only to announce ourselves and our product in the new market, but also to establish direct contacts and determine the prospects and directions of further cooperation.

At the moment, SKB EP plans to pass certification, which will allow to present the devices on the Moroccan market, and one of the nearest projects should be the interaction with the National Electricity Authority.

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