Equipment online presentation

Equipment manufactured by SKB EP has been successfully presented and sold by our official representative in Indonesia for about two years. But the situation with the pandemic brought its own adjustments to the work of most areas, and the selling of diagnostic devices was no exception.

New circumstances made it possible to find new ways of interaction, one of which is holding online events (presentations, webinars, seminars), which is successfully used by SKB EP official representative in Indonesia.

As part of the webinar, he made a presentation of equipment from different manufacturers, including the modern micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21 manufactured by SKB EP for his large and main customer.

Micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21 is one of the most popular models in the markets of many countries. The device is designed to measure electrical resistance in non-inductive circuits in the range of 0.1 μΩ - 2 Ω at a current of 200 A with a high accuracy of ± 0.05%, and the device specialty is mobility in device settings, which considers any customer's needs:

  • 3 special modes for measuring high-voltage circuit breakers with or without built-in current transformers (CTs);
  • 4 starting modes for the electrical resistance measurement process, which take into account the peculiarities of the user's work: normal mode, mode for measurement upon closing the measurement circuit, automatic mode for starting measurements with a preset period, as well as automatic periodic mode for measurement upon closing the measurement circuit.

In addition, the device has a built-in database of nominal values ​​and a signal about results exceeding the nominal values. It is autonomous, because it has a built-in battery and also allows to transfer data to a PC via USB or directly to a flash-card.

The participants of the webinar got acquainted with the device manufactured by SKB EP, and even during the online presentation they were surprised that such a lightweight device (3.3 kg) is equipped with such great functionality. In addition, the customer company specialists noted the high accuracy of the device (± 0.05%) and the warranty period.

We thank our representative for a successful presentation and inform our current and potential customers that you can also become a participant of the online presentation - leave your message in the form following the link.

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