SKB EP opens new frontiers working with Bangladesh and the Philippines

SKB EP is an expert in the field of high-voltage equipment diagnostic and in producing high-quality modern devices that are appreciated by both Russian companies and users in many countries all over the world.

SKB EP specialists are constantly working on establishing cooperation with new companies. Recently, contracts were signed with companies from Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Trainings and devices’ presentations are planned to be held with our new representative in Bangladesh. MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A), and MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeters online-presentation has already been held in the Philippines. After that an agreement for PKR-2M OLTC analyzer purchase has been signed.

SKB EP milli-ohmmeters are designed to measure the DC resistance in inductive and non-inductive circuits with test current up to 10 A. This group of devices has three milli-ohmmeters: MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A) and MIKO-9A. These devices differ in technical parameters, their interface and overall functionality.

PKR-2M is an OLTC analyzer that is designed to check the technical condition of resistor and reactor OLTCs. The device allows you to perform oscillography without removing the contactor tank cover (DRM test) or to perform direct diagnostic with opening the tank cover, partial or complete oil drain, as well as to get circular diagrams.

SKB EP always invites companies from other countries to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you would like to become SKB EP partner, you may find detailed information about the dealer cooperation program on our website and send a request. If you have any additional questions, our specialists will be happy to help you via e-mail or via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48

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