MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter demonstration for “ASTRINSPLAV SK”, LLC specialists

"ASTRINSPLAV SK", LLC specialists requested a compact micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10 demonstration. They had to measure the resistance on a copper busbar samples that are manufactured by them. Since their client that ordered this product will carry out control measurement with the use of MIKO-10, they contacted SKB EP directly as the manufacturer.

SKB EP specialists provided this opportunity and tested the copper busbars with the help of MIKO-10. In addition, the resistance was measured with the help of MIKO-1 industrial micro-ohmmeter and MIKO-2.3 portable mini-laboratory with a micro-ohmmeter function to compare the data received.

Compact wrist-wearable micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10 is designed for instant DC resistance measurements within the range 1 μΩ - 0.1 Ω. MIKO-10 enables measurements at following objects: HV or auto circuit breakers; releasing, connecting or disconnecting switches, contactors and relays; bolted, welded and brazed joints of current leads and busbars; rail connections and wagon wheel pairs; electric motors, generators, compensators, and other objects.

The instrument takes the attention of many users due to its decent technical parameters and functions, considering its small dimensions and light weight. "ASTRINSPLAV SK", LLC specialists especially noted the convenience and ease of MIKO-10 in operation. Moreover, there are 3 ways to fasten the instrument) that allows to have both hands free during the measurements.

If you have any questions and want to see the instruments in operation before purchase, you may always contact official SKB EP representatives in your country. Our dealers regularly hold presentations and demonstrations in different countries, don’t hesitate to contact us via skb@skbep.com or via +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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