SKB EP representatives held instruments demonstration for Huzhou clients

SKB EP dealers and partners are actively working in many countries. They conduct demonstrations, trainings and take part in exhibitions in order to represent the instruments of Russian manufacturer.

Recently, SKB EP official representative in China demonstrated the characteristics and features of three instruments to employees of power plant in Huzhou. Chinese specialists are especially interested in micro-ohmmeters, that is why the demonstration was dedicated to functionality of compact micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10, high precision micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21 and multipurpose low / high resistance meter MIKO-2.3

All the instruments that were represented are designed to measure DC resistance of various contact connections.

  • MIKO-10 is designed for instant DC resistance measurements in the range of 1 µΩ - 0.1 Ω with test current up to 10 A. A special feature of the device is its ergonomic and compact case, that makes it possible to fix the device on your arm, belt or neck.
  • MIKO-21 is the flagship among SKB EP micro-ohmmeters. It is designed for DC resistance measurement in the range of 0.1 µΩ - 2 Ω with test current up to 200 A with an accuracy of ±0.05%. MIKO-21 has a large number of functional advantages that facilitate user's work.
  • MIKO-2.3 is a portable mini-laboratory that measures DC electrical resistance, as well as the temperature of various parts of electrical equipment. The device is unique: with a weight of only 2.7 kg, it has functionality of four devices: micro-ohmmeter, milli-ohmmeter, kilo-ohmmeter and thermometer. In the micro-ohmmeter mode maximum test current is up to 1,000 A.

The participants mostly appreciated the capabilities and had a chance to test functionality of the devices by themselves. They have chosen the most suitable for their facility device.

The presentation of SKB EP devices in China was held as planned, official representatives continue to work on cooperation with potential clients.

If you are also interested in exclusive partnership or you would like to have an individual presentation, contact us via following email: or via phone: +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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