New laser transducer for BB/TEL type circuit breakers in the development

Based on many years of experience of working with various types of high-voltage circuit breakers and considering needs of instruments’ users, SKB EP specialists have begun working on laser transducer development for speed parameters control of some vacuum high-voltage circuit breakers.

Nowadays, during vacuum type circuit breaker diagnostic, for example, BB/TEL, it is possible to measure time and travel parameters with the help of special rulers. However, in order to obtain a qualitative result and complete diagnostic of equipment technical condition, it is important to control all the parameters, including speed.

The new transducer will allow to expand the application area of PKV group instruments. Its mechanism and operation principle will differ from the generally accepted understanding of "laser transducer" concept. The new transducer special feature is the possibility to consider characteristics of specific objects (vacuum circuit breakers) in order to conduct specific type of measurement (speed parameters).

Various testings are being actively carried out. Some of them have successful results, and some of them require improvements of the transducer that SKB EP specialists are already implementing. Therefore, stay tuned to our news – as soon as we check all the characteristics, and transducer parameters will meet all requirements needed, we will announce the official release of the new accessory!

If you need any specific accessories to use SKB EP instruments at your particular object (test cables, transducers, etc.), contact us via or via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 and we will find the best solution for your company!

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