The new testings at TDCN-40000/110 power transformer

In order to expand and confirm instruments’ functionality, SKB EP constantly conducts special testings at various facilities. This time, SKB EP engineers tested MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter and PKR-2M transformer OLTC diagnostic system on TDCN-40000/110 power transformer.

MIKO-9A is the advanced precision milli-ohmmeter that is highly appreciated by its users all over the world. It is designed for DC resistance measurement in inductive and non-inductive circuits in the range of 1 μΩ - 30 kΩ with test current up to 10 A. The instrument also has a special OLTC non-demountable check mode (DRM test), as well as demagnetization and “Heat Run Test” modes.

During the testing, TDCN-40000/110 power transformer resistance was measured with the help of MIKO-9A, there also were tested the function of OLTC non-demountable diagnostic (DRM test) and demagnetization mode. It is worth noting that when working on such powerful transformers, the measurements with milli-ohmmeters are especially fast.

Then, the OLTC technical condition was checked with the help of PKR-2M (using DRM test mode). The instrument enables to perform measurement simultaneously in three phases.

In addition, PKR-2M is designed to check the technical condition of both resistor and reactor OLTCs. The instrument allows to perform oscillography not only by direct or demountable diagnostic (with opening the tank), but also with non-demountable diagnostic (DRM method), as well as to take circular diagrams.

For users’ convenience, SKB EP has developed a special mobile app in order to work with milli-ohmmeters. It is currently at the stage of final testings. This time, it was also possible to test the operation of the mobile app: during MIKO-9A operation SKB EP engineer created a passport of the object on the tablet and then transferred all data to the milli-ohmmeter via Bluetooth. The app helps to make the work process faster and more convenient, speeds up data transfer, and allows you to save the results of all important measurements directly on your mobile phone / tablet.

Testings were successful, the instruments measured the necessary parameters with accuracy. If you have any questions on instruments operation, or you need help to choose instruments for your facilities, SKB EP team is always ready to advise you via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail

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