Training on MIKO-9A operation for transformer manufacturer from Thailand

SKB EP expands the presence in new regions due to the active work of reliable representatives of the company. One of our first foreign partners, that we have developed a long-term reliable cooperation with, was a representative in Thailand.

Recently, MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter was supplied to new client in this country, that is a high-voltage equipment manufacturing factory, which is especially valuable for us as for the diagnostic equipment manufacturer. The instruments are chosen not only by specialists that are engaged in the maintenance of facilities, but also by manufacturers who work with SKB EP instruments during technical control in order to conduct acceptance tests.

MIKO-9A - can rightly be considered the most popular device among milli-ohmmeters, which is chosen all over the world, because the device is multifunctional and modern. It enables DC resistance measurement in inductive and non-inductive circuits in the range of 1 µΩ - 30 kΩ with test current up to 10 A. In addition, MIKO-9A allows to generate oscillograms of switching contactors of the high-speed OLTC (DRM method), as well as to conduct demagnetization and "Heat Run Test".

The new user of MIKO-9A is engaged in 22 kV and 33 kV distribution transformer manufacturing for Thai energy companies. When they were choosing the instrument for their needs, many criteria were important to consider, and the MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter have met all the requirements. After the client got the instrument, our official representative conducted the training on its operation.

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