New template and attachment device for ABB HGI3 diagnostic

The field of electrical engineering is developing, new equipment appears and existing mechanisms are being updated, therefore SKB EP is constantly improving and refining control instruments, as well as creating new accessories for their diagnostic. The company has recently carried out another testing, and the specialists checked an attachment device for DP21 angular movement transducer and a special recalculation template.

SKB EP specialists are well familiar with ABB HGI3 generator SF6 circuit breaker and it is not the first time they work with it. The peculiarity of such type circuit breaker diagnostic is that the manufacturer "recommends" users (organizations engaged in operation of objects) to carry out control of only time parameters, but thanks to high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7 there is a possibility of other parameters registration, such as travel and speed that together gives more detailed picture of object technical condition. Special transducers are required to monitor travel and speed parameters. The linear and angular movement transducers DP12 and DP21 are supplied with the PKV/M7.

The peculiarity of installation and application of one or another transducer is connected with the design features of high-voltage circuit breakers, which must be taken into account when carrying out operations. In addition, SKB EP develops and manufactures special attachment devices for fixing a particular transducer, taking into account the various circuit breaker designs, even within onee manufacturer, e.g. SIEMENS or ABB.

Thus, the company has developed the attachment device for mounting DP21 angular movement transducer on ABB HGI3 circuit breaker. It was successfully tested, as well as special template, which is used in PKV/M7 or PC software to convert from "angular" to "linear" parameters.

If you need to select or develop a special accessory that will consider the specifics of your object, please contact the experts of SKB EP by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail, we will select the most suitable option or develop a component to your individual order.

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