SKB EP principles and guarantees

Regarding the current social and political situation in the world, a lot of companies feel the economic impact and instability related to equipment and components supply. SKB EP, in turn, continues to manufacture instruments and maintains positive business cooperation with professionals around the world.

Specialists from different parts of our planet successfully work with SKB EP instruments for high-voltage equipment monitoring and appreciate their functionality, compliance with modern trends, accuracy and ease of operation. The quality of the instruments is confirmed by certificates of compliance with CE requirements, as well as compliance with safety rules and standards for measuring equipment. All the devices are calibrated and meet the established requirements.

The instruments that are manufactured by SKB EP are actively used in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Ecuador and other countries, but anywhere in the world, our users can be sure that, if necessary, SKB EP team will solve any issue of service and repair as efficiently as possible and in the shortest possible time. We believe that the situation in the world will improve soon, and we thank our clients and partners for your trust and for staying with us!

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