Meeting of the SKB EP and Megger Russia representatives

SKB EP is a Russian innovative full-cycle company, that manufactures instruments for high-voltage equipment diagnostic, which has been successfully provided for Russian and foreign enterprises of various industries for more than 30 years.

SKB EP policy has always been based on an open dialogue with new and existing partners, in which the main aim is to maintain long-term and effective cooperation.

In the unstable geopolitical situation, it is important to make the right decisions and build cooperation with reliable partners. Therefore, there was a meeting between SKB EP and Megger representatives. In a friendly atmosphere, they discussed the development directions of both companies and the possible ways of mutually beneficial cooperation.

One of the priority areas of Megger Russia activity is production of the portable electrotechnical laboratories, which are distinguished by complete set, scope of tasks, cars modification and other parameters.

To complete electrotechnical laboratory with quality and proven equipment there is an urgent need to choose a reliable partner-supplier-manufacturer, so there was the presentation on the following product groups of SKB EP and discussion on their application in labs:

In addition to the presentation part meeting context was aimed at discussing the SKB EP instruments features and its implementation in Megger mobile laboratories, as well as the possibility of SKB EP production complex for quantitative provision and possible variability of instruments’ modifications.

For both sides the meeting was productive and quite useful, so follow our news to find information about further interaction with Megger Russia.

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