Results of the International Coal and Mining Exhibition - 2022

At the beginning of June, the main coal exhibition of the country "International Coal and Mining Exhibition"was held for the 30th anniversary year in Novokuznetsk. The Coal Forum in Novokuznetsk annually gathers hundreds of participating companies and tens of thousands of visitors – manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech equipment, representatives of coal holdings, authorities and science.

In 4 days the exhibition was visited by more than 40,000 people, most of whom were coal, machine-building and metal industries specialists.

SKB EP took part in this exhibition and in such a profile direction for the first time. Specialist of SKB EP presented the equipment as part of the group of the official dealer - "Terra Impex", LLC. Some of the most demanded instruments were exhibited:

During communication with guests and new potential clients, the needs for MIKO-8M(A), PKV/M7 and MIKO-21 instruments were identified, and the presentation of such an equipment was very relevant and useful for visitors of the International Coal and Mining Exhibition.

We thank "Terra Impex", LLC for the successful joint participation in a new specialized international event for SKB EP.

If you need help in selecting diagnostic instruments for your facilities, SKB EP specialists will consult you by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail:

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