SKB EP instruments presentation for a potential dealer from Morocco

The sales geography of SKB EP is actively expanding – specialists from different parts of the world use the company's instruments to carry out high-quality diagnostic of high-voltage equipment. Besides direct sales, SKB EP has developed a wide dealer network, which makes the process of interacting with clients faster and more convenient.

Currently, we actively work on building partnership with companies in new countries. One of the potential dealers is a representative of a Moroccan company, that is specializing in the measuring instruments sale. In order to discuss all the main point, get acquainted with the features of SKB EP products and establish its relevance in Morocco, the specialist came to SKB EP office in St. Petersburg (Russia).

During the demonstration, MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeter aroused particular interest, since this instrument is very promising for the Moroccan market. MIKO-21 is designed for high-precision measurements of DC electrical resistance in the range of 0.1 µΩ – 2 Ω at a current up to 200 A. The micro-ohmmeter has a lot of functional and technical advantages, thanks to which it is ahead of many similar instruments of this type.

In addition, a specialized instrument PKR-2M for transformer OLTC devices monitoring was noted as forward-looking as well. There are no analogues of this instruments in Morocco yet, therefore, cooperation with SKB EP is an excellent opportunity to expand the field of diagnostic for power engineering specialists of this country. PKR-2M is designed for OLTCs of all types technical condition check. It allows you to generate circular diagrams and perform oscillography in three phases simultaneously. The characteristics of the device allow high-quality and full-fledged diagnostic of transformer OLTCs.

It was a productive meeting in a friendly atmosphere, our guest was accompanied by a professional interpreter, who made it possible to highlight all the necessary points and accurately convey all the information. The SKB EP technical specialist told about each instrument from the company product lines, demonstrated the principle of working with them, answered all the questions of interest to a potential dealer. After the personal visit, an additional meeting was already held online in order to discuss all the details of the joint work.

If you are also interested in cooperation and would like to become an official representative of the manufacturer of high-voltage equipment diagnostic instruments – contact SKB EP specialists via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail:

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