Micro-ohmmeters test cables features

There are 3 micro-ohmmeters among SKB EP instrument range: MIKO-1, MIKO-10, MIKO-21, that ensures resistance measurements in non-inductive circuits, as well as a multifunctional portable mini-laboratory MIKO-2.3.

Users choose micro-ohmmeters considering their specific needs and requests, and one of the SKB EP instruments advantages is variable complete sets and the ability to select cables that are most relevant for a particular object.

Depending on the type of object on which measurements are carried out, there are special accessories that differ in the type of end contact. The most common are cables with crocodile clips (jaw up to 50 mm), which are included in the standard complete sets of micro-ohmmeters and are suitable for use on most objects.

To connect to larger objects where the size of standard clips is not enough, C-clamp test cables are used, which provide a jaw up to 80 mm.

For measurements in busbars, arc-extinguishing chambers, pipeline connections, metal sheaths of aircraft, etc., double hand spike test cables are the most convenient. In case of soiled or painted surfaces, there is a perfect option of test cable with rotating when pressed contacts.

There are also external potential contacts to be used together with test cables, which eliminate a large transient resistance between the input pin and the clamp.

SKB EP instruments users especially appreciate the availability of test cable choice depending on their particular needs. It allows the convenience of instrument use at the objects with different design features.

If you need any help with micro-ohmmeter accessories selection, feel free to contact our specialists via +7 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail: skb@skbep.com.

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