SKB EP and TECHNO-AC at the exhibition SPIGF 2022

In the middle of September, employees of SKB EP together with the TECHNO-AC dealer participated in the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum – Exhibition (SPIGF – 2022). The largest event united the leading experts of the oil and gas industry from 22 countries of the world in the northern capital of Russia. Gas, oil, shipbuilding, aviation, metallurgical enterprises, scientific institutes – the Expoforum Convention & Exhibition Centre became the center of attraction for various organizations.

Much attention on the forum was paid to import substitution, technological developments using artificial intelligence, the environmental agenda, lively discussions on gas production and storage, as well as the development of national industry and the promotion of domestic equipment.

SKB EP took part in this exhibition for the first time. When being a part of the group of the official dealer – the company TECHNO-AC, LLC, specialists of SKB EP presented the instruments.

Some of the most popular instruments were presented:

  • MIKO-10 is a convenient compact micro-ohmmeter with an operating current up to 10 A. It weighs less than 0.5 kg and can be attached to the arm, waist or neck, that definitely simplifies the diagnostic process.
  • MIKO-21 is a micro-ohmmeter with a high accuracy of ± 0.05% and an operating current up to 200 A. The instrument is equipped with 4 launch modes, which allow to optimize diagnostic for a specific object. Then, it is possible to operate MIKO-21 via the touch screen and keyboard, that facilitates the measurement process.
  • MIKO-9A is a multifunctional milli-ohmmeter, which is invented in order to measure resistance in inductive and non–inductive circuits in the range of 1 µΩ – 30 kΩ. Additionally, the instrument provides diagnostic of OLTCs by the DRM method, performs the demagnetization and the "heat run test" to control the cooling system.
  • PKR-2M – allows the user to monitor technical conditions of all types of OLTCs. It performs the oscillography without dismantling and opening the tank (DRM method), as well as a with a help of direct diagnostic when opening the tank, with partial or complete oil drain. Moreover, the instrument allows to take circular diagrams. All diagnostic is conducted simultaneously in three phases.

The specialists of SKB EP answered various questions from the forum participants and shared some secrets about the operation of the instruments. The exhibition gave an opportunity to expand the circle of useful acquaintances and establish partnerships with new companies.

There will be other large scale events in Russia and abroad, where SKB EP will present the products - follow the news to keep abreast of developments!

If you want to choose an appropriate instrument and get additional consultation about the range of SKB EP products - contact the specialists by mail or by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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