We are increasing the operating time of MIKO-2.3 from the battery!

MIKO-2.3 is one of the most popular models of the SKB EP which allows you to cover all the tasks of measuring resistance in electrical equipment. With a weigh of only2.7 kg the instrument combines four devices at the same time: a micro-ohmmeter, a milli-ohmmeter, a kilo-ohmmeter and a thermometer and supplies current up to 1000A!

The instrument has a huge number of positive reviews, as it is a universal mini-laboratory and is able to diagnose various objects of the electrical network. It is convenient in operation due to its small size and light weight, it is simple and intuitive to use, and the implemented function of automatic recalculation of measurement results in the "milli-ohmmeter" mode allows you to significantly reduce your working time.

The ability of MIKO-2.3 to supply current up to 1000A is realized due to the operation of a condenser battery. The usage of this type of power supply particularly allows the instrument to give such a large current with such a small weight. However, recently, users have begun to express an increasing need to raise the operating time of the instrument from the condenser battery. This desire emerged under the influence of contemporary trends and because of the fact that the condenser battery operation has its own characteristics.

The presence of such type of a battery provides full charging of the instrument from 0% to 100% in 5 minutes! Nevertheless, rapid discharge also occurs in some modes of the instrument operation, that determines the dependence of MIKO-2.3 on electrical network.

In order to eliminate this nuance, SKB EP has developed an external battery of a modern lithium-ion type which has received the symbol – power bank.

The main task of the power bank for MIKO-2.3 is to maintain the charge of its built–in condenser battery to increase the operating time of the instrument and raise the number of measurements without connecting to the network.

For example, the operating time of MIKO-2.3 in the milli-ohmmeter mode increases to 2.5 hours, and in the micro-ohmmeter mode at least 400 measurements are carried out due to the maintenance of charge using the power bank.

The final tests of power bank have been completed, we accept applications by phone 8 (812) 500-25-48 or e-mail skb@skbep.com

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