Advanced training from SKB EP is gaining momentum

Since last year, SKB EP has been providing educational services for specialists involved in monitoring and diagnosing high-voltage circuit breakers, power and measuring transformers, as well as resistive and reactor OLTC. Educational activities have become a way to share practical knowledge, many years of experience in conducting individual training events and online webinars.

Currently, there are 5 unique full-time training programs available, at the end of which the specialist receives a Certificate of Advanced Training of the established form. Each program is adaptive for customer that would like to see into the diagnostic object and instrument that he uses in his work as part of the course. This is a unique approach, because in this way specialists will study only the material that is useful to them in their practice.

From March 14 to 17, masters of the branch of PJSC Rosseti of Main Electrical Networks North-West were trained under the program “The principle of operation and features of diagnosing the technical condition of high-voltage circuit breakers using SKB EP Instruments” in Kingisepp. According to the course program, instruments from the PKV, PUV and MIKO groups were involved in the training – at the customer's choice. In addition, for the practical part of the course, the Customer himself chose the diagnostic object, in this case it was the HPL 420 B2 SF6 circuit breaker (BLG 102A drive).

On the first day of training, during the theoretical section, the teacher talked about the basic principles of high-voltage circuit breakers and highlighted the parameters of the HPL 420 B2 design, and also analyzed in detail the principles of operation of its drive mechanism.

On the next day, specialists worked with the PKV/M7 instrument in practice. They studied its functionality, the methodology data transfer, analyzed the features of the settings and practiced starting the measurement process on the “test bench”.

On the third day of training, the group almost independently conducted a diagnostic of the HPL 420 B2 switch using the PKV/M7 instrument under the guidance of the teacher. The specialists figured out the types of attachment devices, determined issues related to the use of the measuring transducer and its installation, conducted a diagnosis, and analyzed the collected data. 

All participants successfully passed the final knowledge test and received certificates of advanced training.


I liked the training, the teacher was competent and explained everything well. In practice, we dealt with the details of connecting the PKV/M7 instrument to the circuit breaker. Personally, I gained useful information on transferring and working with measurements obtained on a PC.

I find training useful for myself, although I have experience working with the PKV/M7 instrument. There were some questions about transferring data to a PC and further working with them. Overall, I liked the course program, the information received on working with the instrument is relevant and will be applied in practice in the future.

At the moment, all full-time training programs are available only on the territory of the Russian Federation. But if you are also interested in organizing individual training, please contact SKB EP specialists by phone +7 (812) 500 - 25 - 48 or by e-mail: If there is an official representative of the SKB EP in your country, we will help to organize such a training program for you.

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