Demonstration of MIKO-10 operation at a pipeline gas station

The demonstrating practice of SKB EP`s equipment operation for potential customers is standard and popular. This format helps better understand the functionality of the instrument and the features of its complete set directly at your own facilities.

Thus, the official partner of the company and a representative of SKB EP`s equipment of in China conducted a demonstration of the operation of a portable MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter at a natural gas receiving station in Shanghai.

The compact MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter is designed for quick measurements of resistance in non-inductive circuits in the range of 1 µΩ - 0.1 Ω. When having a weight of less than 0.5 kg, the instrument has a test current of 1A/10A. In addition, the MIKO-10 is equipped with 3 measurement modes, which makes it a market leader among micro-ohmmeters of this category.

The main task of the customer was to check the contact resistance in the joints of the pipeline system, therefore, a comprehensive diagnostic of the pipeline was carried out during test. The following important points were taken into account:

  • The pipeline joint is made of flange, where the resistance of joint in a pipe should be less than 30 mΩ;
  • The resistance of joint in the working pipeline and the grounding terminal should be less than 30 mΩ;
  • The grounding resistance in any point of the pipeline relative to the ground should be less than 100 Ω.

The customer tested MIKO-10 in comparison with another device of a similar purpose. The results of the compact micro-ohmmeter were very successful!

Test procedure:

The first stage of the work was to check the grounding conductor (measuring the resistance of the joints between different grounding terminals), where the instrument showed a resistance value of less than 30 mΩ, that proved a good conductivity.

Then measurements were carried out on the grounding wire of the pipeline, which helped to test its design integrity.

Furthermore, the resistance was measured in the pipe joints, where some results exceeded the required value (30 mΩ) and amounted to 33.31 mΩ, that allowed to eliminate a certain error in the points found.

We express gratitude to the partner from China for a detailed review of the MIKO-10 operation and the customer's interest in the Russian-made instrument.

The format of the demonstration before purchase is available in many countries of sale of SKB EP instruments. That is why if you are interested in this type of pre-sale testing, contact SKB EP`s apecialists by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail:

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